Ellie Phimister (Negasonic Teenage Warhead)

Negasonic Teenage WarheadLet’s take a little break from Daredevil (from now on, we’ll alternate days like we did with The Walking Dead), as a new picture has been released from the upcoming Deadpool. In the photo, we see the titular hero along with a goth-looking girl, who goes by the name Negasonic Teenage Warhead, one of the worst supernames ever. In the movie, she’ll be portrayed by Brianna Hildebrand, and that’s pretty much everything we know about her so far. She’ll be related in some way to Colossus, one of the X-Men, as the two appear to be friendly to each other on the videos from the set. She’s quite different from her comicbook counterpart, and she surely is prettier than expected… but maybe this won’t be the only different element. Let’s see together who this girl is in the comics.

Not much is known about Ellie Phimister‘s early life, apart from the fact that, during puberty, she developed unnatural powers that revealed her to be a mutant. Not exactly welcome in the “normal” world, Ellie chose to distance herself also from her biological family, and she decided to move to Genosha, an African island near Madagascar in which mutants were originally used as slaves by the humans living there, but who had taken power after an uprising. Now, Genosha was a free mutant country ruled by the former mutant terrorist Magneto, a country in which mutants from all over the world could come and live sure that nobody would have attempted to their life as long as Magneto watched over them. Ellie arrived in Genosha and moved to the capital city, Hammer Bay. Her mutant power was of psychic nature, as she was able to see the future in premonitions and in terrifying precognitive nightmares. In order to learn and control negasonicteenagewarheadcomics1her powers, Ellie frequented Emma Frost‘s telepathy class, where she met many others like her. While learning to control her gift Ellie, who now wanted to be called Negasonic Teenage Warhead (or NTW, for short), experienced a frightful nightmare during which everyone on Genosha got murdered by an unknown assailant. Still unable to tell a regular nightmare from a precognitive one, Ellie told Emma Frost about it only when she started “dreaming” it even when she was awake; the moment her teacher took her seriously, however, the vision became true, and a group of Wild Sentinels, controlled by the deranged mutant Cassandra Nova (the twin sister of Charles Xavier), attacked Genosha, killing 16 million people, including Magneto and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Her body was brought out of the school’s rubble by Emma Frost herself, who survived thanks to her secondary mutation. She declared Ellie to be a hero for mutantkind, since she had tried to warn everybody of the incoming danger. Then she had a nervous breakdown.

During that breakdown, something weird happened, and a part of Ellie’s personality was absorbed by Emma’s unconscious thanks to her telepathy. When Cassandra Nova manipulated Emma Frost into (subconsciously) attacking her fellow X-Men, Negasonic Teenage Warhead apparently came back to life as a member of the Inner Circle of the new Hellfire Club, along with Sebastian Shaw, Cassandra Nova, and a mysterious woman named Perfection (actually, Emma Frost’s subconscious incarnated). The X-Men fought this Hellfire Club believing them to be real opponents, and Kitty Pryde got almost killed by Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who dreamt of her enemy being negasonicteenagewarheadcomics2trapped into the planet’s core and unable to get out, something that actually happened. Eventually, all the members of this new Hellfire Club got shot and “killed” by Cyclops, who revealed them to be just mental projections of Emma’s telepathy. The real Ellie Phimister was still dead and buried in Genosha, but she wouldn’t have stayed like this for long: the immortal vampire Eli Bard had forged an alliance with his beloved Selene, and the two had created a new techno-organic transmode virus using their combined magic on some cells retrieved from the Magus, an alien tyrant. The virus was used to reanimate the bodies of thousands of dead mutants, resurrected to become Selene’s slaves. Upon emerging from her tomb, Ellie was asked by Selene her name, but she calmly replied that she didn’t need to introduce herself to the notorious Black Queen, since she would have been dead again soon enough. Selene liked her answer, and decided to make her one of her favorite slaves, along with the former X-Man Thunderbird and Caliban. Again, Ellie’s prophecy went unheard, but it would have proved its truth in no time.

Ellie Phimister is a tormented girl, a young woman whose visions prevent her from having a normal life, a mutant gifted with a knowledge that more often than not becomes the curse of anxiety and fatalism. As Negasonic Teenage Warhead, she has the ability to see the future in her dreams (usually nightmares), but the scarce accuracy and clarity of her visions, as well as her constant mistaking regular nightmares with precognition, make her constantly ignored by everyone else, classmates and teachers alike. A pessimistic and depressed girl, Ellie Phimister borrows the weight of knowledge, knowledge of a tragic future she knows cannot be changed.