Emil LaSalle (Warp)

It seems impossible after more than a year, but we reached the last character in Lucy W.‘s long request. The last guy who appears in Scribblenauts Unmasked and received somewhere down the line a live action portrayal is Warp, a secondary villain who appears in Smallville portrayed by Elias Toufexis. In the show, he’s a member of the Suicide Squad with teleportation abilities, and he helps Rick Flag escape after a failed attempt against General Lane, aimed to stop the Vigilante Registration Act. In the comics, his powers are more or less the same, but he was never part of the Suicide Squad. Let’s see together.

Emil LaSalle was born somewhere in France, but where exactly it’s unspecified, and it’s just as unknown how he gained his teleportation abilities that made him Warp. One thing’s for sure: he didn’t use his powers to do good, quite the opposite, he became one of the most notorious and dangerous supervillains in Europe, and for some reason he developed a bitter rivalry with a “colleague”, the bipolar and stretchy Madame Rouge. In his homecountry he battled more than once popular superheroes like the phasing Phantasmo or the super-soldier Fleur-de-Lis, but he never operated outside national borders… until he was reached by a trio of international criminals, who had an offer for him. Monsieur Mallah and The Brain, accompanied by the psychic Phobia, were reforming the Brotherhood of Evil, and wanted him to be a part of it. At first, Warp was less than uninterested, but then the mysterious Auguste Toulon appeared, and abducted Warp along with Brain, Mallah, Houngan and Phobia, transporting them to his home reality, Earth-Eleven. Here, humans had landed on the Moon in 1952, and a nuclear war had erupted in 1966, threatening the entire planet. Warp had little choices but to cooperate with the Brotherhood and aid Tin, a hero of that Earth, to recover a space-ark from the dictator Milos, saving his people in exchange of a way to come back home. The battle ended with Tin’s victory and Toulon’s death, and the Brotherhood, Warp included, were successfully brought back home (later, it turned out that the entire interdimensional adventure had been orchestrated by Dr. Mist, as a way to save Earth-Eleven inhabitants and get rid of Toulon in the process). One such experience, however, was more than enough to convince Warp to join the group for good.

Emil didn’t have to move much, as the Brain chose as the team’s headquarters an exclusive school in Paris. The Brotherhood grew to become the most powerful crime syndicate in Europe, and of course clashed with several heroes, most usually the New Teen Titans. During a battle with them, Warp managed to settle his old rivalry, and got to kill Madame Rouge. His powers came in handy more than once, such as when he successfully kidnapped Raven in a ploy from The Brain to learn the secrets of Brother Blood. Warp stayed with the Brotherhood even when it became the Society of Sin, and remained a regular member… until The Joker altered his and many other villains’ sanity, making him go berserk. In his folly, Warp attacked the United Nations Building, and committed a carnage by teleporting the upper halves of anyone he found into open space, killing dozens. He was apparently cured by Alexander Luthor Jr., who hired him and the rest of the Brotherhood in his Secret Society of Super Villains. Warp’s talents were kept in high consideration by Luthor, who paired him with Dr. Psycho and entrusted them with a delicate and risky mission: to free the unstoppable Doomsday from his prison at the center of the planet. After the Society was defeated, Warp became a mercenary, and he was hired by Delores Winters to kidnap Icemaiden, something that he successfully did… allowing Winters to skin the heroine alive. After a time alone, however, Warp rejoined the Brotherhood: after all, even if he had been skeptical about joining them, they were still the only home he had ever known.

Emil LaSalle is a highly intelligent, and highly ruthless, man, a criminal who always used his talents for personal gain only. As Warp, he’s able to fly, and most of all to open portals between any two locations of his choice, thus being able to teleport anywhere he wishes and to bring others (or parts of others…) along with him. One of the most wanted men in Europe, Warp is a world-known criminal and terrorist, a murderer who’s literally uncatchable, always far beyond his hunters’ reach the moment they find him…