Yalan Gur (Green Lantern)

Justice League has been released, and it’s unexpectedly funny. The movie introduces several characters, and we’re going to see them together as soon as I get the pics. Most of them appear during the huge flashback scene portraying the first battle against Steppenwolf: even two Green Lanterns join the massive alliance, and while one of them is never clearly seen, the other one, on the opposite, can be easily identified…albeit only when Steppenwolf strike him down. The dragon-like Lantern is Yalan Gur, a renegade corpsman who in the comics protected Earth two thousands years ago. His presence is pivotal to explain a couple of things in the DC Universe, but if that will be referenced to also in the film universe remains to be seen (though it’s unlikely, considering his end). In the meanwhile, as usual, let’s take a look at the original guy.

Yalan Gur was an alien from an unknown planet, who was recruited in the Green Lantern Corps more than two thousands years ago. The Guardians of the Universe admired his indomitable will, and they were quite right to do so, as Gur proved to be one of the greatest Lanterns of his time, successfully patrolling Space Sector 2814. For great a warrior that Yalan Gur could be, however, he couldn’t escape the flaws of his Green Power Ring: while intervening in a crisis, the Green Lantern was attacked by a yellow beast, and was nearly killed by it. The Guardians of the Universe didn’t want to lose their best corpsman due to such a blemish in his ring, so they decided to remove the Yellow Impurity from Yalan Gur’s Power Ring only. This way, the greatest Green Lantern of his time became pretty much invincible. Problem was that all this power made him believe he was also infallible. Intoxicated by his own strength, Yalan Gur decided to model Sector 2814 the way he saw fit, starting from Earth, a small planet inhabited by a rapidly evolving race: humans. Humans were becoming more and more advanced, and Yalan Gur feared, due to their lack of moral restraint, that they would have become a threat for the entire galaxy. Committed to stop their progression, Yalan Gur descended on Earth, aiming to the most advanced country of the planet: China.

China was approaching the apex of its civilization, expanding on the Western border. One of its warlord, Minister Xiang-Fa, had just built a fortress around the trading city of Chao-Tsu, that was expecting an attack by a hostile tribe from the Sinkiang Hills. It was here, the center of the country’s military might, that Yalan Gur decided to strike, in order to cripple humanity’s development. The mighty Yellow Warriors couldn’t do anything against the alien invaders, and the Green Lantern laughed at their primitive attempts to harm him. Unbeknownst to Yalan Gur, however, the Guardians of the Universe had been watching him from a distance, and they were not pleased at all in witnessing the corruption of their greatest warrior. They decided to humble him, so they manipulated his Power Ring and Power Battery, changing their very nature and adding an unprecedented weakness: wood. Yalan Gur made short work of the mighty warriors from the army, but suddenly found himself affected by the simple wooden clubs and spears of the peasants who were trying to fight him off. Taken by surprise, Yalan Gur was severely beaten by the peasants and, half dead, he left China, seeking shelter in the outer atmosphere. It was too late, however: his wounds were rapidly killing him. Burning while reentering the atmosphere, Yalan Gur’s body was merged with his Power Battery, becoming a green burning meteorite, that eventually absorbed also the mystic remnants of the artifact known as the Starheart. Eventually, all that remained of the once brave and powerful Green Lantern was a unique Power Ring, holding magic power and a weakness to wood, the same ring that, centuries later, would have been found by Alan Scott.

Yalan Gur is a brave and powerful warrior, whose iron-strong will is surpassed only by his unlimited arrogance. As a Green Lantern, his Green Power Ring grants him several abilities, including: superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina, flight, self-sustenance (he can survive in the void of space), accelerated healing, the ability to speak and understand any language, and of course the power to materialize anything he can think of, in energy constructs fueled by his own willpower. A great Green Lantern corrupted by his own thirst to do good for his sector, Yalan Gur is a hero who just can’t handle the enormous power he’s been granted, a freedom fighter who ended up becoming what he had been fighting his entire life…


Larvox (Green Lantern)

Waiting to see someone new from the several upcoming series, let’s come back to our request, and it’s once again Lucy W.‘s turn: we come back to space, with another one of the many cameos from Green Lantern. Among the many faces in the crowd on Oa, there’s one that can hardly be called a face, being just a big eye staring to Sinestro as he speaks: that’s Larvox, an insectoid hero who’s quite a tricky one to write a bio of, since he (or more appropriately “it”, as it’s supposed to be asexual) comes from a planet with no sense of individuality, so it’s hard to identify a single individual among its species. Nevertheless, we’ll try.

Larvox was born on planet Sputa, a world on which insects, plants and bacteria evolved to the top of the planet’s fauna. The resulting species was quite unique in the universe, a community of asexual beings with no sense of individuality, in harmonic symbiosis with the planet and with one another, all members of a “whole” that is perceived by the locals as one huge organism. How the Guardians of the Universe managed to locate the will of a single individual on Sputa is unknown, but it’s also unclear if Larvox is actually a single being or if the title of Green Lantern is shared among the entire population as everything else. Being it a way or another, Larvox was chosen as a member of the Green Lantern Corps and was given a Green Power Ring, a honor he gladly accepted. He started patrolling Sector 17, and soon it proved itself to be quite a remarkable Lantern, a fierce protector of its sector and a loyal member of the Corps. Larvox served many years in the Corps, and it became a respected member of Oa’s policemen. It also participated to some delicate missions, such as when Kilowog gathered an elite squad to reach Earth and save another Lantern, Hal Jordan, from the raging Star Sapphire. Once there, however, Larvox and the others found both contenders possessed by Eclipso, making it nerly impossible for the Lanterns to contain either of them. Finally, the adversaries apparently blew up in an energy explosion, and it appeared the mission failed. Luckily, they both resurfaced shortly after, alive and well, their fake death being a ruse to trap Eclipso.

Not much time passed before the Green Lantern Corps faced their gravest chrisis yet, a civil war started by a deranged Jordan that brough the entire Corps to collapse. Larvox was among the survivors, but it was obviously unable to continue its work. With time, however, the bacteria hero had become so committed to its role of space policeman that it just couldn’t come back to Sputa and resume its former life. When it learnt that the Controllers, brothers and rivals of the Guardians, were recruting former Green Lanterns into their own Corps, the Darkstars, Larvox was among the first ones to sign up for the new team, since it didn’t want its Sector to be without protection for too long. Its loyalty, however, always lay with the Green Lantern Corps, and as soon as the Guardians put the Corps back together, Larvox abandoned the Darkstars and came back to Oa to resume active service. The following years weren’t easy at all, especially for a veteran like Larvox, who took part to all the main events involving the Corps: the return and trial of Hal Jordan, the war with the Weaponers of Qward and the birth of the Sinestro Corps, a distorted and hostile version of the Green Lanterns, and even a war with the personification of death itself, Nekron. Larvox survived all this, and won many battles, always determined to serve the Corps at the best of its possibilities.

Larvox is a heroic and sometimes fierce warrior, whose total lack of sense of individuality leads to always pursue the common good rather than a personal benefit. As Green Lantern, its Power Ring allows it to fly, to survive in open space, and to create energy constructs fueled by its willpower; the Ring is also its only means of communication, since it’s mute. An unlikely hero with more courage and dedication than many of its peers, Larvox has an unshakable loyalty towards the Corps and the cause they pursue, and it will always put its life on the line to be the protector the universe needs it to be.

Krona (Entropy)

Today is Lucy W.‘s turn, and we come back to space to meet a villain that has been haunting DC Universe for decades: Krona, the renegade Guardian of the Universe. He appears in Green Lantern, being (sort of) the main villain. A Guardian here as well, Krona disagrees with his companions and believes that the yellow energy of fear can be used for good; trying to harness it, however, he’s possessed by the evil Parallax entity, and becomes a cosmic destroyer. In the comics, Krona is indeed an evil ex Guardian, but he does a lot of damage on his own without the aid of Parallax. Let’s see together.

Krona was born on planet Maltus, and he was part of the ancient and immortal race of the Maltusians. As all his siblings, Krona wanted to bring order in a chaotic universe, and as a scientist he believed that only knowledge could allow him to accomplish such a thing; unlike the other Maltusians, who decided to give up to all emotions and to pursue cold logic and rationalism, Krona kept investigating emotions as well, being able to do so since he was the one in task of keeping the Emotional Embodiments imprisoned. It was while studying the Embodiments that Krona came up with a prototype gauntlet that would have served as base for the Green Power Battery on Oa. In the meantime, the Maltusians kept ignoring Krona’s studies on emotions, and created an emotionless (and thus, according to them, flawless) robotic space police, the Manhunters. Finding out about Krona’s experiments, considered illegal, the Manhunters attacked him, but the scientist easily repelled them. In order to prove his theory, however, he reprogrammed them to attack the peaceful planet Ryut, committing a genocide. Only five people from Ryut survived: Krona had proved his point, demonstrating that the lack of any emotion only made the Manhunters easily-manipulated puppets in anyone’s hands. This atrocious experiments made the Maltusians reconsider their ways, in a process that would have led to the formation of the Green Lantern Corps. In the meanwhile, Krona’s thirst for knowledge had gone as far as wanting to pierce the secret at the beginning of the universe itself. An ancient prophecy, however, had kept the Maltusians from ever attempting such research, as it foretold that knowing that secret would have unleashed a great evil. Obviously, Krona didn’t care much about prophecies, and built  a machine that would have let him witness the beginning of time.

The experiment was a success, as Krona was able to “peek” at the very hand of creation planting the seed of the universe. Upon seeing that very hand, however, Krona’s machine blew up, and the universe itself suffered major consequences, being shattered in an infinite number of parallel dimensions (a Multiverse), as well as being split in two, a positive matter universe (embodied by the Monitor, protector of life), and an anti-matter one (embodied by the Anti-Monitor, destroyer of all). The ensuing chaos was unprecedented, and Krona was deemed guilty of breaking the most ancient and sacred Maltusian law. The other Maltusians severely punished him, stripping him of his physical body and reducing him to pure energy, a disembodied soul condemned to wander the galaxies and the realities he had (accidentally) created. Krona’s actions gave birth to the universe’s watchers, as the Maltusians, feeling guilty for not stopping him when they could, founded the Guardians of the Universe, the Zamarons and the Controllers, depending on their idea on how to best mantain peace and order. The disembodied Krona wandered for millennia, until he found on Earth a power source that could restore his physical form: the Starheart, a magical ring owned by Green Lantern Alan Scott. Using the ring’s power as a parasite would have, Krona restored his body, and immediately resumed his last research: this time, he wanted to see something more than a hand dropping a speck, and he didn’t care much of the catastrophic consequences. It was Alan Scott, together with his successor Hal Jordan, who stopped him long enough for the Guardians of the Universe to intervene, preventing a second tragedy. This time, they weren’t as light as before: not only they banished Krona to his energy form again, but they also sent him to the Realm of the Dead. Krona was an immortal, and his presence there created a paradox: a drift opened between then Realm of the Dead and the Land of the Living, large enough for Nekron Lord of the Unliving to see through it. Nekron desired the other world, but he could not reach it: thus, he created a physical body for Krona and sent him back as Entropy, an agent with a sole purpose: to kill the Guardians of the Universe, creating more paradoxes that could free Nekron. After all, splitting and merging universes was quite Krona’s specialty.

Krona is a genius scientist, a brilliant mind who’s had literally an eternity to hone itself and to surpass any possible limit…finding only a destructive thirst that doesn’t care of anything getting lost in the pursue of knowledge. As a Maltusian, he’s immortal and virtually indestructible, he possesses vast psionic powers, he can heal from pretty much anything, he can control others’ minds, fly and project energy; in his energy form, he could also possess living beings and syphoon any kind of energy, while as Entropy he’s powered by anti-matter, that increases his powers and allows him to absorb other living beings, turning them into anti-matter slaves his to control; he also wields the power of the entire Emotional Spectrum, and every time he destroys a life (or an entire universe), he absorbs its power in his own. One of the most brilliant minds in existence, Krona is arrogant and short-tempered, and always lets emotions get the best of him: most of all, his thirst for knowledge won’t stop in front of anything, and he’s ready even to destroy the multiverse he’s studying just to learn more about it.

Isamot Kol (Green Lantern)

And we come back to space with Lucy W., with yet another member of the already crowded Green Lantern Corps. During Sinestro‘s speech on Oa, many alien faces can be seen in the crowd, and one of them looks like a biped crocodile with some dinosaur heritage: that’s Isamot Kol, the fierce soldier named after editor Peter Tomasi (try to spell “Tomasi” backwards). He doesn’t last long in the movie, as he’s one of the Green Lanterns chosen to be part of Sinestro’s elite team to stop Krona, but he’s easily consumed and killed by Parallax. His looks in the movie appear to be much more saurian than the comics counterpart, who looks somewhat more humanoid and less scaly…but he’s not to be underestimated because of that. Let’s see together.

Isamot Kol was born on planet Thanagar, a member of the race known as Lizardons, a species of sentient lizards who evolved along with several other species on the same planet. As most of his peers, Kol was involved in the Rann-Thanagar War, a bloody conflict that put his planet against Rann, another planet in the Polaris system. A veteran and a honored warrior, Kol was proud to serve in the Imperial Thanagarian Army, but his uncompromising sense of honor put him in trouble before the end of the war. Just before a battle with a Rannian squadron, Isamot Kol’s superior officer decided to surrender to the enemy, too afraid to die to even consider fighting as an option. Kol, who hated cowards, killed him on the spot, and led the other Thanagarian soldiers against the Rannians, actually winning the battle. The other soldiers, loyal to Kol, tried to lie for him testifying that the officer had died in an accident, but Kol, always following his principles to the letter, confessed he had killed him in cold blood, and was arrested by the military police. Put on trial, he was condemned for insubordination and murder, and sentenced to death. He shared the same fate with another assassin, but despite believing he had acted for the best, Kol didn’t do anything to escape his fate…until fate itself decided otherwise. Just before he was about to be beheaded, a Green Power Ring appeared, attracted by his incredible will power: the Ring attached itself to Isamot Kol’s finger, and used its power to free the veteran from his captivity and to defeat the guards. When his cellmate asked to be freed as well, however, Kol abandoned him there to be executed, as he believed he had actually deserved what was coming to him. The Power Ring brought the Lizardon on Oa, where the Guardians of the Universe approved the choice and offered him membership in the Corps. The Green Lanterns had been nearly exterminated by the villanous Parallax, and the Guardians had sent 7,200 Power Rings across the galaxies to find new recruits. As he accepted the offer, Isamot Kol became one of the 7,200.

As soon as he became a full member of the Green Lantern Corps, Isamot Kol was assigned to Space Sector 2682. According to the Guardians’ new policies, every Lantern needed a partner, and their choice for Kol couldn’t be more dary: the Lizardon was partnered with Vath Sarn, a recruit…from Rann. Kol didn’t take the pairing lightly, and while Sarn did his best to get along with him, Kol simply couldn’t work with someone he still considered an enemy, and he even questioned the Guardians’ orders when it came to cooperating with his partner. Their first assignment wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, as the two of them had to intervene to save some ships who were going too close to Star 38, growing unstable at a worrying rate. Kol did his best not to cooperate with Sarn until the very last moment, when a hospital ship risked to be sucked in by the black hole generated by the star that had gone supernova. Despite their best, this time coordinated efforts, the two heroic Green Lanterns ended up losing themselves in the black hole. Stranded light years away from their Sector, Kol and Sarn found themselves in the Vega System, forbidden to all Green Lanterns; however, it was from here that the criminal Spider Guild was attacking the Guardians of the Universe, causing the instability of stars like Star 38. The two Lanterns were eventually found by Kilowog, who broke the Corps’ rules to retrieve them, but they didn’t go away before discovering the Spiders’ ultimate plan, that was the invasion of Oa. Since Kilowog was too big to follow them through the tunnels they used to spy on the Guild, Isamot Kol and Vath Sarn were their own, and this finally allowed them to discover some form of partnership. The Spider Guild, however, detected them, and the three Lanterns had to escape. On their way, they met other three Green Lanterns who had broken the rules and travelled to Vega: the runaway recruit Soranik Natu (who, because of her reluctance, was immediately branded by Kol as “traitor”), and the ones who pursued her, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. Despite some inner conflicts, the six Lanterns made it back to Oa, just in time to warn the Guardians of the Guild’s invasion, and to prepare the Corps for the impending war.

Isamot Kol is a proud, brave and no-nonsense warrior, a veteran who follows a strict sense of honor and who knows no compromise in observing his principles. As a Lizardon, Kol possesses superhuman strength and durability, sharp claws and fangs, and the ability to regrow lost limbs; his Green Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in open space, to speak and understand any language and to communicate with other Lanterns, as well as to create energy constructs fueled by his will power (he usually creates weapons, both blades and firearms). Asides from his periodical mating urges, Isamot Kol is always focused on the battle at hand, and his unshakable loyalty goes to his comrades in arms before than to his superiors; with no tolerance for cowards and traitors, Kol is however able to change his mind on people, and he arrived to cut his own legs off to help his friend and former enemy Vath Sarn: quite the fellow you’d like to have by your side during a war.

Hannu (Green Lantern)

With the next character from Lucy W. we come back to space, with one of the most noticeable Green Lanterns around: Hannu, the rocky warrior. He appears in the Green Lantern movie as one of the many aliens making a cameo in the movie, but apart from walking around on Oa he doesn’t do much. In the comics he’s quite an imposing guy, known to be some sort of DC version of a Klingon, with the same kindness and good heart (irony alert); albeit rocky, he’s definitely much more humanoid than the movie’s counterpart, and he has some clothes on him. Let’s see together.

Hannu (sometimes misspelled Honnu) was born on Ovacron 6, a world inhabited by extremely powerful warriors who only relied on their physical strenght: on Ovacron, a weapon was regarded as the tool of a coward too afraid to prove his worth, and Honnu strongly accepted this belief. When the Guardians of the Universe sensed Hannu’s indomitable will and selected him as a recruit for the Green Lantern Corps, the rocky warrior accepted the offer, but he immediately made it clear that he wouldn’t have used his Green Power Ring as much as his comrades, preferring to use it as a simple means of communication and transportation rather than as a weapon, due to his people’s attitude towards any kind of arms. Albeit with some difficulties, the Guardians accepted this condition, and Hannu managed to go through the training and to become a regular Green Lantern despite his obstinate refusal to use his Ring properly. This pride proved to be quite a limit, especially when the Guardians, facing an unprecedented threat, entrusted Hannu among others with the mission of protecting Oa: along with other Lanterns, Hannu attacked the former hero and rogue Lantern Hal Jordan, who now called himself Parallax and had declared war on the Corps, and tried to stop him. Despite his remarkable strenght, however, the warrior was easily defeated by Parallax, and left for dead in open space. The Lantern, however, was still alive, but his unconscious body was collected by the Manhunters, the androids that had preceeded the Lanterns as space cops. The Manhunters had a new master they obeyed to, and they brought their prey on Biot, a remote planet where the kidnapped Lanterns met their captor: the Cyborg Superman.

Cyborg Superman kept Hannu and the other Green Lanterns in stasis, using them as power sources to augment his own power. Finally, years after the battle with Parallax, two Green Lanterns from Earth (a newly reformed Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner) found the “Lost Lanterns” on Biot and organised an escape. Hannu was freed by his fellow prisoner Ke’Haan, and immediately gave proof of his worth by crashing a number of Manhunters with his bare hands. Not only Cyborg Superman was defeated, but Biot itself was destroyed, and the Lost Lanterns could return home after years of imprisonment. Back to Oa, Hannu was assigned Sector 2, and reprised his role as a space cop…but he still didn’t trust Jordan, bearing a grudge against him for what he had done as Parallax. Things soon changed when the Lost Lanterns were sent to Qward to rescue fellow Lantern Kyle Rayner: in here, they found out that the Sinestro Corps had been resurrecting the Anti-Monitor, giving him a new suit of armor to increase his power. The Anti-Monitor immediately killed Ke’Haan, and it was Hannu who saved all the others, finally activating his Ring and emitting a powerful blast of light that blinded the Anti-Monitor and temporarily buried him in a cave, giving him and the others a chance to escape. This caused an all-out war between the Green Lanterns and the Yellow Lanterns, a war that soon was moved to Earth. Leading the Lost Lanterns to a rescue mission (Guy Gardner was challenging the Sinestro Corps on his own), Hannu arrived at Mount Rushmore and challenged the Yellow Lantern from Ovacron 6, Horku, killing him with a single punch. He also joined Jordan and Rayner in defending Coast City, a mission that finally settled things between Hannu and Jordan. With no more inner struggles within the Corps, Hannu could concentrate on what he excelled the most: war.

Hannu is a stoic and calm person, a warrior who takes great pride in his own strength; in the middle of a battle, however, he abandons all restraints, and becomes a brutal and relentless adversary, fired up by the conflict. As an Ovacronian, he possesses a great deal of super strength as well as near invulnerability, and he’s a proficient hand-to-hand combatant; as a Green Lantern, he possesses a Power Ring, but he uses it only to fly, to survive in the void of space and to communicate with other Lanterns, while he never uses it as an offensie weapon (it only happened once, and he only emitted a powerful blast of light energy). His approach to the Corps is quite unique, but his loyalty is never to be doubted, nor is his courage and his commitment: Hannu may be a stubborn and sometimes barbaric warrior, but his last breath will be for the Corps.

Hector Hammond

Lucy W. brings us to Green Lantern once again, but not for a corpsman: this time we’re seeing the movie’s secondary villain, Hector Hammond, portrayed by Peter Sarsgaard. In the movie, he’s a childhood friend of both Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris, as well as a high school science teacher who for some reasons is called by the government to perform an autopsy on Abin Sur‘s corpse: in the process, he’s infected by Parallax, and he becomes and insane telekinetic monster enslaved by Parallax’s will…the same master who’ll eventually consume him. In the comics, believe it or not, his head is even bigger, but Parallax doesn’t give orders around. Let’s see together! (after this, the blog will be on hiatus for some days: see you soon!)

As it usually happens, there are (at least) two different version of Hector Hammond’s story. According to the first one, Hammond was a petty criminal born in Coast CityCalifornia. Resourceful but non particularly brilliant, Hammond was on the run from the law after an umpteenth heist, and he was hiding in the forest when he saw a meteorite crash in the surroundings. It was the same meteor that in Africa forced the evolution of the apes from Gorilla City, and Hammond spied from a distance some scientists who approached the space rock to study it. Much to Hammond’s surprise, the scientists evolved before his very eyes into super-intelligent beings…whose free will, however, had vanished in thin air. Wanting to exploit the situation, Hammond appeared in front of the scientists and started giving them orders, transforming them into his genius slaves. The futuristic tech the slaves produced, Hector sold on the market, becoming an insanely rich man in a ridiculously amount of time. Now a celebrity, Hammond gained a lot of attention…even unwanted one. The superhero Green Lantern found Hammond’s sudden wealth fishy, and he started investigating on him. Green Lantern’s Power Ring was however a tool Hector was interested in, so he kidnapped the hero and stole his weapon…only to find out he had abducted a decoy, Thomas Kalmaku, with a replica. The real hero appeared, and after a brief struggle Hector was captured, while the scientists were brought back to their normal state. Needless to say, the villain was locked in jail, with a few hopes of coming out in a short time.

Hector Hammond however didn’t have any intention of making his time, and he escaped from prison with one thing in mind: he came back to the meteorite, and deliberately exposed himself to it, in a much greater capacity than the scientists before him. His brain grew to grotesque proportions, and his intellect grew exponentially, adding untold psionic abilities…unfortunately, his body couldn’t keep the pace, and all the energies at disposal of Hector’s organism went to his now futuristic mind. Unable to move or even to speak, Hammond was stranded in the woods…until he started realising how his mind powers worked: he could use his telekinesis to fly his own body from place to place, and he could control other people’s mind to bend them to his will and use them as manual labourers. He couldn’t speak anymore, but his telepathy supplied for that as well. Using his mind to steal an invention of Amos Fortune, he attempted once again to steal Green Lantern’s Power Ring, and he actually managed to do so. Unfortunately, right before wielding the Ring, Green Lantern “ordered” the weapon to drain itself of all its power, so that it was useless for the villain. While the immobilised genius was still trying to figure the alien tech out, a powerless Green Lantern knocked him out in the most traditional (and effective) way of all. Following this defeat, Hammond changed approach, and always taking inspiration from Fortune he gathered a number of minor criminals to create the second Royal Flush Gang, maneuvring everyone from behind the curtains. This time he was unfortunate enough to find on his path an equally gifted mind, Martin Stein, who overpowered him on the Astral Plane in a clash of intellects. Every time he was defeated, however, Hammond learnt something more: soon, he would have been too formidable for anyone to oppose.

Hector Hammond is a greedy and ambitious individual, a criminal who’s been given a superior mind, and who uses it for the same, petty purposes. He’s an incredibly powerful telepath, able to read and control any mind, to project illusions and to erase other people’s memory, but he also can use telekinesis, moving things (himself included) with his mind and projecting powerful mental blasts; he’s also immortal. One of the greatest minds on the planet, Hector Hammond also possesses a frail and useless body: as time passes, he regrets more and more what he’s lost, and he now sucks on other people’s life experiences like a parasite, desperate to feel through others what he can’t experience on his own.

Green Man (Green Lantern)

A day may come when there are no more Green Lanterns in Lucy W.‘s request, but it is not this day! Next in line is another one of the many nameless cameos in the Green Lantern film, a background character who’s spotted during Hal Jordan‘s first visit on Oa: among the many weird aliens, there’s one who looks like a giant frog. That’s Green Man, the heroic protector of Sector 2828. In the movie, he looks quite different from his comicbook counterpart, who’s definitely green, but not so froggysh. If you think the name doesn’t sound like a true name at all, you are perfectly right, but there’s a reason to it…a reason we’ll see together.

The alien known as Green Man was born on Uxor, a planet with a unique characteristic: on that world, individuality was morally deplorable, and the amphibian Uxorians lived following the certainty that “All are one”, that everybody was just a part of the collective identity. Uxorians didn’t have any personal possession, not even a name, and only communitarian needs and goals were taken into consideration, while the individual being simply ceased to exist in the collective society. A single misfit, however, resisted to this kind of society, an outcast who desired an individual identity. Mantaing the sense of self in such an environment required an incredible willpower, such that it didn’t go unnoticed even outside the planet: one day, one of the Guardians of the Universe visited Uxor, and he offered the outcast a chance to join the Green Lantern Corps. The misfit immediately accepted the offer, considering a true treasure both his personal Green Power Ring, and the name “Green Lantern” he could now call himself with: he was finally an individual being. He also had to swear never to come back to his home star system, as it was part of a non-interference agreement between the Guardians and the Psions of Vega. This particular oath, however, he didn’t respect, as he was constantly trying to protect Uxor and the nearby planets from the incursions of the Spider Guild, a group of brutal conquerors who took refuge in the Vega System everytime they wanted to escape from the Green Lanterns, and came out of it any time the Omega Men (protectors of Vega) chased them. In order to accomplish something against them, Green Lantern discovered another shocking act of individuality: he disobeyed his orders, he took contacts with Kalista of the Omega Men and arranged a meeting with them.

Green Lantern met the Omega Men on planet Rashashoon, and with them he planned the attack on the Spider Guild’s home planet. They succesfully destroyed it, but the Guardians found out about what could become a diplomatic incident with the Psions: they ordered the Uxorian to come back to Oa, but he simply couldn’t leave the Omega Men in trouble. His Power Ring and Power Battery were remotely deactivated, but he chose to stay nevertheless, helping his allies to escape from the planet. The Omega Men, grateful, brought him back to Oa, where the Uxorian was spoiled of his Green Lantern title; proud of what he had accomplished nevertheless, the alien started calling himself “Green Man”, not wanting to give up on the individual identity he had fought so much for. After a time of penalty, however, the Guardians chose to reintegrate him in the Corps, recognizing the heroism of his action despite his rebellion: he became a Green Lantern again, provided that he never entered the Vega System. Not only Green Man respected the condition, but he also prevented fellow Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner to approach Vega during their search for missing recruit Soranik Natu. Following the new policy of the Corps, Green Man was partnered to Stel, and together they patroled Sector 2828. Despite his best efforts, however, Green Man was dragged once again to the forbidden sector, this time not by his own free will: the Psions abducted him, and brought him to Wombworld, their research planet, in order to study him and the Power Ring. Freed by his friends from the Omega Men, the Green Lantern lived other adventures in the forbidden sector, crossing paths with the prisoner goddess X’Hal, with the golden skinned Tamaranians and many more, in a long quest to come back home. Whether the Guardians would have forgiven him this time or not, remained to be seen.

Green Man is a man who fought his entire life for the privilege of considering himself an individual being, a proud and determined corpsman who deeply values his newfound freedom. As an Uxorian, he’s an amphibian able to breathe also under water, he possesses limited telepathic abilities, and his blood is highly toxic and poisonous for most races; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in the void of space, and of course to create energy constructs fueled by the wielder’s willpower. An Uxorian like no others, and a Lantern like no others, Green Man treasures his status as a corpsman as to him it stands for his very individual existence…but his thirst for justice is even greater than his love for his new life, and he’s ready to sacrifice it all to do the right thing.