Rot Lop Fan (Green Lantern)

We’ll finish with the characters from Green Lantern eventually, but this is not the day. Another Green Lantern awaits for us, and this one is possibly the most comic-accurate in the film, at least from an aesthetic point of view. We’re speaking of Rot Lop Fan, that weird shark-like eyeless alien seen among (too) many others on Oa. The total lack of eyes is an extreme version of the character’s blindness in the comics, but for all the rest the movie’s Rot Lop Fan is pretty much identical to the comics’ one, including his unique uniform, that sports a symbol different from the usual lantern. Let’s see together why.

Rot Lop Fan was born on an unknown planet in the wide void known as the Obsidian Deep, a sector of space completely devoid of light. To adapt to this unique condition, the local species evolved completely blind, compensating this lack with an incredible hearing. Among his people, Rot Lop Fan led a relatively normal life, but he was acknowledged to be a noble and brave man, characterized by a strong willpower that attracted the attention of the Guardians of the Universe, who wanted to recruit him to be the first Green Lantern patrolling the Obsidian Deep. The Guardians sent Katma Tui to offer Rot Lop Fan a place within the Green Lantern Corps, and she found him in total blackness thanks to her Green Power Ring…but the recruitment was more difficult than expected. Rot Lop Fan, in fact, had no concept of anything involving light, so even the terms “Green” and “Lantern” had no meaning for him, and even Katma Tui’s Power Ring was unable to translate them. It was apparently a situation without solution, as even the oath of the Green Lanterns was meaningless to the blind alien, but eventually Katma Tui found a way to reach Rot Lop Fan in a language he could comprehend: she slowly but steadily converted all the light and color concepts into sound ones, explaining to Rot Lop Fan the history, mission and values of the Green Lantern Corps replacing everything that involved at least an abstract idea of light with sound. By the end of their conversation, Rot Lop Fan was more determined than ever to join what he believed to be the F-Sharp Bell Corps.

Following this concept of the Green Lanterns, Rot Lop Fan was granted a unique equipment: his Power Ring was shaped after a musical instrument, the F-Sharp Bell, that worked like a Ring but used sound constructs instead of light ones. He was also given a unique uniform, that displayed on the front not the usual Green Lantern, but a Green Bell. This way, he successfully became the protector of Space Sector 0911, the first in the entire Obsidian Deep. Although he usually stayed within his space, Rot Lop Fan was able to hear anything in a radius of four sectors, so he was always among the first ones to intervene in cases of grave emergency, such as during the war against the Anti-Monitor and his minions from the Anti-Matter Universe. He survived the crisis and came back to the Obsidian Deep, only to be summoned to Oa not much time later, to witness the departure of the Guardians of the Universe, who left the regular plane of existence in a self-exile. As during an attack the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed, Rot Lop Fan was depowered as all his teammates, and as many others he was targeted by a slave ring. The slavers captured him and put him on auction for the highest bidder, but luckily there was a Green Lantern who had found a way to claim his power back and was using it to free all the captive ex-Lanterns: Guy Gardner from Earth. Gardner freed Rot Lop Fan (among the others), and led him to claim back his F-Sharp Bell. Despite the two of them couldn’t be more different in terms of character and attitude, this episode gave birth to a weird friendship between the two, a bizarre relationship that would have lasted for long, as the Green Lantern Corps (or the F-Sharp Bell Corps) were now reborn and ready to return to duty.

Rot Lop Fan is a selfless and generous man, a courageous corpsman who’s ready and willing to protect all on his own one of the most isolated Space Sectors in the whole universe. He naturally possesses an amazing sense of hearing, that compensates for his lack of sight and allows him to hear everything even light years away; as a Green Lantern, he possesses a unique Power Ring, actually an F-Sharp Bell, that produces sound he can manipulate into powerful energy constructs. Since light or color have absolutely no meaning for him, even his oath is unique: “In loudest din or hush profound, my ears catch evil’s slightest sound. Let those who toll out evil’s knell, beware my power: the F-Sharp Bell!


R’amey Holl (Green Lantern)

Green Lanterns! Green Lanterns everywhere! As we proceed with Lucy W.‘s request, we meet another one of the many aliens having a cameo in the Green Lantern movie, this one particularly fascinating. Among the many faces on Oa, one strikes for beauty and grace: the humanoid butterfly, R’amey Holl. In the movie, of course, she just has this single appearance and does nothing, while in the comics, albeit having being created relatively recently (2007), she earned an increasingly major role. Don’t be fooled by her fragile appearance, though: she’s as tough as they come. Let’s see together.

R’amey Holl was born on the alien planet Papilliox, a world inhabited by insectoid sentient beings who, just like Earth‘s butterfly, had the unborn ability of evolving into superior forms. R’amey Holl was a member of her planet’s law forces, and thus she had contacts from time to time with the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, sometimes even working with them, mostly during emergencies. One of such emergencies occurred as the Hymenoptists, sentient parasites who laid eggs within the living bodies of other species, consumed all life on the nearby planet Meno, and targeted Papilliox next. Such a threat couldn’t be faced by the local police force alone, so R’amey Holl, defying her superiors’ orders, contacted the Guardians of the Universe, asking for help. Not only the Guardians sent the Lanterns to protect the planet, but they were also impressed by the woman’s willpower, strong enough to allow her to go against direct orders, despite being a recruit, in order to save lives…exactly the kind of willpower a Green Lantern was required to have. As soon as the impending threat was solved, the Guardians offered R’amey Holl a place within the Corps, and she gladly accepted it. As a Green Lantern, R’amey Holl could protect not just her home planet, but the entire Space Sector 700, and she was assigned as a partner to Von Daggle, who would have been her superior officer for the time being. Finally, she was ready to do something great with her life and her training, and when her first mission arrived, she was enthusiast to participate.

R’amey Holl followed Von Daggle in quite a peculiar mission, which involved also another young Lantern, Guy Gardner from Earth (one R’amey had an immediate crush on). The trio had to track down a Dominator, a scientist who had used a highly unstable meteorite (the same that had hyper-evolved Captain Comet) to enhance himself, against the Dominators’ orthodoxy, and also to create a hyper-evolved Khund servant. This wasn’t an official mission of the Corps, so R’amey and the others left both their uniforms and their Power Rings, ingesting in its place a special disc that granted them a Power Ring’s abilities for a limited time. R’amey and Gardner arrived on Corona 7, where they located the scientist…and his hyper-evolved servant, who proved to be too powerful for the two Lanterns. The Khund ripped off R’amey’s stomach (with the disc in it) and left her to die, nearly killing Gardner as well immediately after. The Lantern’s body, however, landed on the meteorite, and she unconsciously created a cocoon, in which she evolved into a superior form. Using her new powers, she resumed the battled and healed a dying Gardner, saving him from death. Just as Von Daggle joined them, R’amey Holl and Guy Gardner had defeated the scientist, but while the latter wanted to arrest him, Von Daggle ordered them to kill him, something definitely against the Corps’ policy. R’amey Holl obeyed the order, and she executed the scientist by slicing him to pieces with her razor-sharp wings. Then, Von Daggle informed her subordinates that the mission was actually a test to enter the Corpse, the secret black-ops division of the Green Lanterns…a test that only Holl had succeeded. Sad for losing a man she had learnt to love, R’amey Holl used her newfound telepathy to erase Gardner’s memory of everything that happened, making him believe she had died during the mission. Then, she left Corona 7 with Von Daggle, ready to be employed once again in a top secret mission.

Despite her cheerful and easy-going attitude, R’amey Holl is a very by-the-book and obedient soldier, an officer used to do whatever her superiors tell her, without hesitation of ethical nature. She naturally possesses remarkable abilities: she can fly, she possesses superhuman speed and enhanced senses, and after her evolution she also possesses telepathic powers, the ability to heal (or even resurrect) herself and others, she can survive in the void of space and she can even teleport; she traded her Power Ring for a Green Lantern Corpse Disc, that allows her to create energy constructs powered by her willpower (green energy with the Ring, purple energy with the Disc). A powerful and indomitable warrior, R’amey Holl devotes herself to the Green Lanterns, ready to do for them even things other Green Lanterns would never approve of…

Penelops (Green Lantern)

Green Lanterns are getting weirder and weirder in appearance the more we dwell with Lucy W.‘s request. This time, always from the Green Lantern movie, we meet Penelops, the curious tentacled alien with a single eye protruding from his main body seen on Oa, among dozens of others. In the film, as most of the others, Penelops doesn’t do anything but to stroll around, but believe it or not, in the comics he is a living legend, one of the most powerful Green Lanterns ever lived, and a source of inspiration for all his peers, including the most seasoned and expert ones among them. Let’s see together why.

Penelops was born on Penelo, an ocean planet inhabited by jellyfish-like creature who lived in the abyss of its seas. The light of the sun was painful to creatures used to live in the deep, so none of the Penelopians ever explored the surface…none but Penelops, who was the first one among his race to win his fear and to reach the top of the sea, becoming renowned among his people for both his courage and his foolishness. This single act of bravery was enough for Penelops to be noticed by the Guardians of the Universe, who were constantly monitoring sentient beings’ willpower, especially the one strong enough to conquer fear. Penelops definitely was worthy of the offer they made to him, to become a Green Lantern and protect Space Sector 1355, a responsibility that Penelops accepted. The alien trained for a time on Oa, but due to his introverted nature he didn’t make any friends, with the sole exception of Tomar Re, his mentor, who saw through him and understood his enormous potential. As he became a Green Lantern, Penelops came back to his home world, and started patrolling the Sector he had been assigned. Rising the surprise and the irony of his colleagues, he showed no fantasy at all in terms of energy constructs, as he only used his Green Power Ring to create tentacles, bigger versions of his own, with no creativity whatsoever. Some Green Lanterns even started believing the Guardians of the Universe had made a mistake in recruiting him, as some worthier candidates may have been present in that area of the universe…then Penelops accomplished something that nobody else did or would have ever done, entering by right in the chronicles of the Book of Oa.

Penelo was facing a cataclysmic climate change, with its oceans literally starting to boil, with obvious consequences on the local population. Penelops investigated the phenomenon, and as he left the atmosphere he discovered an alien ship near the sun, firing an unknown kind of energy beam into the star to raise its temperature. The Green Lantern tried to stop the beam, but was attacked by the ship, and sent directly into the sun…but his enormous willpower was enough to allow him to escape the star’s gravitational field, and he boarded the ship. He found it was occupied by blue-skinned aliens, refugees from a dying world, who had found the perfect new home in Penelo, that was however too cold for them. Believing it to be deserted, they had started to raise its temperature, and were shocked in realizing what they had done to the local population…but the process was irreversible, and they had doomed an entire species to extinction. Penelops, however, wasn’t giving up yet: using one of his mocked energy tentacles, he enveloped the entire planet Penelo, and with his sheer willpower he moved the world to a safer orbit, far enough from the sun to restore the original temperature, but allowing one part of the planet to be more exposed to the light and warmer, to allow also the refugees to call Penelo home. He had accomplished something unthinkable up to that point, and he became a living legend. Back to Oa, he found out he had become a role model for many, and a lot of fellow Lanterns, even ones who had more years of service than him, came to him to be taught how to use their willpower to the fullest. Despite his obvious power, Penelops was no master, and he politely declined every request he was made: he had just raised the standards of the Green Lantern Corps, showing that “impossible” was just a word, when applied to one’s willpower.

Penelops is a shy and introverted man, who hides behind his meek attitude one of the greatest and strongest willpower ever seen in the Corps. As a Penelopian, he can breathe underwater, he has many prehensile tentacles that also contain mouths for feeding and stingers to stun enemies, he possesses superhuman strength and he can blend with the surroundings becoming nearly invisible; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to survive in any environment, to fly, to communicate in any known language and to create energy constructs, in his case usually tentacles. Penelops is the living embodiment of the unbreakable will that conquers any fear, as it’s highlighted by his personalized oath: “In brightest light, in darkest sea, All dangers will be seen by me! While others from these dangers flee, I shall always a Green Lantern be!

Norchavius (Green Lantern)

Guess what, with Lucy W. we come back to the Green Lantern movie (apparently, in this Scribblenatus game there are a lot of corpsmen), this time for Norchavius. Among the Green Lanterns spotted on Oa, he’s one of the most fascinating and colorful, definitely more colorful and beautiful than the original one, who’s just purple. As most of his teammates, he doesn’t do anything else than walking around on the planet, so his story is totally new for whoever is not familiar with the comics. Let’s see together.

Norchavius was born on the planet Gra’var, a world characterized by a very low gravity, composed of floating land masses and inhabited by extremely light beings, all gifted with a natural ability to fly. On his home planet, Norchavius was an artist, a world-known sculptor with an amazing sensitivity and a great attention to details; his works were so beautiful that they were admired not only on Gra’var, but in the entire galaxy, able to inspire also people from other races, species and worlds. Despite being physically weak, as all the members of his race, Norchavius had quite an incredible willpower, a trait that in its own made him interesting enough for the Guardians of the Universe, always looking for new recruits in their Green Lantern Corps. They offered him a Green Power Ring and a place in the Corps as a galactic policeman, and he accepted it. After a period of training on Oa, Norchavius became a Green Lantern, and he was partnered to Archon Z’gmora, from Cygnus, to patrol Space Sector 0026. The two became good friends, and while Archon taught Norchavius many “tricks” from the job, Norchavius in turn reciprocated by sharing his artistic sensitivity, and by making Oa more beautiful by filling it with his works. Then, as it was inevitable, Norchavius had to deal also with the ugliness of his work: his friend Archon, in fact, was killed by N’Gon, a wanted serial killer.

Just before dying, however, Archon Z’gmora sent a distress call to the nearest Green Lantern, who happened to be Hal Jordan from Earth. Jordan intervened just in time to prevent N’Gon from escaping, and after engaging him in battle he managed to apprehend him and to deliver him to the justice of Oa. From that moment, Norchavius felt to be indebted to Jordan, and the two of them became close allies. Of course, he also built a memorial monument for his lost friend, Archon, possibly his absolute masterpiece. He kept patrolling Sector 26 on his own, from time to time participating to wider missions with other Lanterns…and one of those proved to be particularly challenging for him: with all evidence, Hal Jordan had formed a secret alliance with members of the other Lantern Corps, even with Thaal Sinestro and Atrocitus, sworn enemies of the Green Lanterns. Salaak formed an elite squad to bring Jordan to Oa to stand trial with any means necessary, and Norchavius was selected to be a part of it, something that he found extremely difficult to do, due to the debt of honor he had with Jordan. At the last moment, however, Norchavius was spared the moral conflict by Krona, who chose that very time to launch a full attack on Oa. During his assault, Krona reinserted Parallax within the Central Power Battery, restoring the Green Lanterns’ weakness to color yellow, and easily enslaved most of them through mind control. Norchavius was now a servant of Krona, and quite ironically, only Hal Jordan’s intervention could save him, making him, once again, his debtor.

Norchavius is a noble spirit and a sensitive man, an artist and a warrior who fights with grace and creates with courage. As a Gra’varian, he’s naturally able to fly, and he can use his long tail both as a third prehensile limb and as a whip in battle; as a Green Lantern, he’s able to survive in any environment, to communicate in any known language, and to create energy constructs of any shape, powered by his willpower; in his case, his constructs are so elaborate and beautiful that sometimes criminals are so impressed by them that they simply freeze where they stand, unable to look away from them. A breath of beauty and art in the Corps, Norchavius is a unique Lantern who’s not satisfied in bringing “just” peace and order in the universe: he seeks to make it a beautiful place to live in.

NautKeLoi (Green Lantern)

We use the brief time between a series and another to come back to Lucy W.‘s request, this time meeting yet another Green Lantern. In the Green Lantern movie, among the many aliens seen on Oa, there’s one who looks just like some giant, anthropomorphic fish: that’s NautKeLoi, as usual totally animated in CGI and portrayed by nobody. The film version is quite different from the original one, not just in appearance, since he’s a lot more fish-like, but also in the equipment, or lack of, as he’s missing his trademark breather he shouldn’t be able to survive without. Let’s see together.

NautKeLoi (sometimes spelled Naut Ke Loi) was born on the water world of Aeros, a planet on which sentient life evolved from fish, and inhabited by a wide variety of fish-like creatures. NautKeLoi’s actual origins are lost in time, as he was several centuries old by the time we first met him, and even what’s written in the Book of Oa about him has never been revealed. What we know for sure is that, among the other people of his planet, he stood out for his indomitable willpower, something that the Guardians of the Universe didn’t fail to notice. At the time, the Guardians were trying to replace their peace corp, the Manhunters, with a more reliable and humane police force, and had just founded the Green Lantern Corps: as the Green Power Ring they granted to the Green Lanterns was powered by sheer willpower, NautKeLoi was selected to be one of the very first recruits in the Corps, and he joined the group at its dawn. He moved to Oa, where he had to wear all the time a helmet filled with water in order to be able to breathe, and he was trained to be a space cop. He was assigned to Space Sector 12, that he patrolled for decades, earning the esteem and respect of all his fellow corpsmen. He faced and witnessed many crisis within the history of the Corps, and due to his experience he became a reference point for the rookies, albeit he never left active duty to become a full-time mentor or trainer: despite his remarkable age, he was still more than capable to serve the Lanterns on field, giving proof of an unbent loyalty and devotion to the cause.

Despite being more an action man than anything else, from time to time NautKeLoi also attended conferences with other Lanterns, mostly for putting his experience to good use for the new generations. During one such conference, on planet Yquem, he met the man who would have signed, for better or worse, the destiny of the Corps altogether, Hal Jordan from Earth. Despite a rush start, the two eventually joined forces as it turned out that the rogue Lantern Sinestro had infiltrated among them: they located him and defeated him, forging an alliance that would have become stronger in the following battles…that increased in number in the following years. First, Oa opened a war front against Qward, a planet in the Anti-Matter Universe inhabited by warmongering conquerors, who constantly threatened the Positive Matter Universe (and were usual allies of Sinestro, who opened the doors to our universe for them). Isolated battles and brawls soon escalated, until they led to the so-called Power War. NautKeLoi always participated on the front-line on the conflict, and buried many teammates in a war for the destiny of the universe itself…but even such a grave conflict like the Power War didn’t prepare even a seasoned warrior like him for what was to come. If the Qwardians had usually targeted the universe, their god, the Anti-Monitor, had much wider scope and higher aims, and he aimed to the entire multiverse. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, all realities became threatened by a force of annihilation like nobody had ever seen, but NautKeLoi never backed away from the conflict, joining his fellow Corpsmen and others from parallel realities against the common threat. This time, the battle could easily be his last one…

NautKeLoi is a seasoned warrior, very wise for his old age, but unexpectedly direct and rude. As an Aerosian, his body is nearly all muscle, granting him superhuman strength, durability and swimming speed, his fins are razor-sharp and his skin is toxic upon the touch for most species; as a Green Lantern, his Green Power Ring allows him to fly, to communicate in any known language, to survive in every environment, and to create energy constructs powered by his willpower (NautKeLoi’s constructs are usually water-based, liquid in shape and nature). One of the most powerful and valuable Green Lanterns ever, NautKeLoi is a living piece of history, who however is not yet ready to be locked in a history book…

Morro (Green Lantern)

Lucy W. brings us back to the Green Lantern film, this time for the most terrifying-looking Green Lantern of them all: Morro. Completely animated in CGI like most of his teammates, Morro is the creepy Lantern who looks like an alien crocodile in a green cape. Albeit in the film he’s just one of many faces popping out on Oa, in the comics he has a very specific task that tells him apart from all the other Green Lanterns, and try to guess: he’s the guardian of the crypt. Let’s see together.

Morro was born on Sarc, an extremely harsh planet, a desert world dried out by three suns and inhabited by sentient lizards constantly hunted by many fierce predators. Morro and his brother Marrg were part of The Relentless, a nomadic tribe said to be able to march for days without food nor water. The Relentless only marched by day, as by night many fierce creatures were out on hunt. One night, Morro woke up to see his brother’s tent empty and open, and he left to look for him. What he found instead was a Drature, a winged predator, flying away with blood on its mouth. Sure that the beast had killed Marrg, Morro followed it to its nest, and climbed to the top of a mountain to kill it in its sleep. The creature, however, woke up, and attacked him: the two struggled for a while, but eventually Morro managed to kill the Drature with his staff. Only then he realized that the juice on the beast’s mouth came from a fruit, and wasn’t blood…and he found four baby Dratures sleeping right behind what clearly was their now deceased mother. Feeling guilty, Morro took the four Dratures with him, wanting to take care of them. On the way for his camp, he found that he had been left behind, a normal thing for The Relentless, who usually stripped of all useful supplies whoever fell for thirst or fatigue and left them to die. He also found Marrg, who had come to look for him and had collapsed for the heat. Morro, who had now a new respect for life, assisted his brother, and they slept together in the openness, without a tent, protected by the four Dratures who now watched over Morro.

In the following days, Morro nurtured Marrg back to health, and the Dratures protected them both, even leading them to a cave were an unlimited amount of water was. The two siblings and the four winged beasts spent together the following years, until Marrg peacefully died in his sleep. Not much time later, the Guardians of the Universe selected Morro as a new recruit for the Green Lantern Corps, perceiving an indomitable will in him. Morro accepted the Green Power Ring, and left for Oa along with his four Dratures. Calm but powerful, Morro (always accompanied by the Dratures) became the protector of Space Sector 666, a task he dutifully accepted. Believing that the Green Lanterns should always celebrate life over death, however, he also volunteered for another task: he became the keeper of the Crypts of Oa, where the Green Lanterns fallen on duty were buried. He took care that the statue of each one of them was preserved, and learnt and taught their stories so that their memory could burn bright. As much devoted he was to this task, however, Morro could do nothing to stop the Black Power Rings to storm in the Crypt, resurrecting the bodies of the dead into evil Black Lanterns. He did his best to prevent Nekron and his avatar Black Hand from disturbing the fallen heroes, but he failed, so he joined the other Corpsmen in the following battle against the Black Lanterns, returning to their earned rest many of his fallen companions. After the battle, the Green Lanterns’ headquarters were moved on the living planet Mogo, and Morro once again became the keeper of the Memorial of Life, built to celebrate the lives of heroes rather than mourning their deaths.

Morro is a calm and sullen warrior, one of the most compassionate Green Lanterns ever, who learnt the value of life by living side by side with death since he was born. As a Green Lantern, his Green Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in any environment, to communicate in any known language, and to create energy constructs fueled by his will and limited only by his imagination (usually he creates very simple constructs); he also fights with a heavy mallet, the traditional weapon of his people. Always serious and quite a loner, carefree only with his four pet Dratures, Morro is the keeper of memory, a hero who celebrates life even in the less likely of places.

Medphyll (Green Lantern)

With Lucy W., surprise surprise, we find yet another Green Lantern (yes, they are a lot). This time it’s the turn of Medphyll, the curious tree-like being spotted among the crowd on Oa, in the Green Lantern movie. Quite oddly, albeit looking like a living tree even more than his comicbook counterpart, the live action Medphyll seems to lack the one organ fundamental to his species organism, or at least to have it worryingly small: the foliage (aka the Mind Stalks), a detail they underline many times in the comics. Let’s see together.

Medphyll was born on tropical planet J586, member of a species of sentient vegetation. Despite it’s quite hard to tell one individual from another on J586, as they don’t have a fixed physical body but they move their consciousness from a plant to the other, Medphyll was recognized as a being of great willpower, and deemed worthy to be one of the first Green Lanterns ever by the Guardians of the Universe, who offered him a Green Power Ring and the task to patrol Space Sector 1287. Medphyll accepted, and he was mentored in the Green Lantern Corps by another member of his species, Jothra. He became one of the most honored veterans in the Lanterns, participating in the conflict against Krona and Nekron, and even in the all-out war on Qward and its Anti-Green Lantern Corps, befriending many of his teammates in the process. He came to appreciate one of the newest recruits, Hal Jordan from Earth, in whom he saw the potential of being among the greatest Green Lanterns ever. Along with him and with many others, Medphyll repelled a variety of threats to the entire universe, from the rogue Lantern Sinestro to the Weaponers of Qward, even going against his natural weaknesses: while pursuing a band of pirates who had murdered the natives of an icy world and taken their children hostages, Medphyll chose to face them, fearing that waiting for back-up would have put in jeopardize the children. With his unique organism, every single snowflake that touched him caused an excruciating pain, but he stayed and fought nevertheless, freeing all the hostages and defeating the pirates.

Eventually, however, Medphyll had to suspend his cosmic job to respond to an emergency from home: he was heading to J586 because the news of Jothra’s death had reached him, but then other worrisome information came to him. Apparently, his homeworld had been attacked by an unknown alien force, who had forced the locals to merge into a horrific monster. As Medphyll arrived on J586, he realized that the culprit was another hero from Earth, Swamp Thing, who had been cut from The Green and sent to J586 by Adam Strange to seek help. Once on the planet, Swamp Thing merged with the local vegetation to create a new body for himself, without realizing that the plants were sentient already, and he was now unable to detach himself from them, resulting in a chaotic cacophony of voices and consciousnesses. Separating people from the collective monster would have killed them, and plus the locals didn’t trust Medphyll, believing him to be too old for the task and too dependent of the Guardians. Medphyll surprised everyone creating a pulsing light that hypnotized the monster, keeping its attention focused; then, while all the minds composing the beast were occupied, he gently extracted the single people from it one by one with delicate energy tendrils, eventually leaving only the Swamp Thing, trapping his conscience in a construct. As he managed to communicate with him and understand the situation, Medphyll allowed Swamp Thing to occupy the body of his deceased mentor Jothra, and then taught him how to harmonize with Earth’s Green once more manipulating his bio-electrical frequency. The hero, grateful, immediately left and projected his consciousness back home, but Medphyll was just as grateful, as teaching to Swamp Thing while in his teacher’s body had allowed him to cope with the death of Jothra.

Medphyll is a heroic and selfless tree, a seasoned yet active hero who guides new recruits with his experience, but is always ready to jump into action himself nevertheless. His natural abilities include the power to communicate telepathically with other plant life, to project his consciousness into other vegetation forms, and a near invulnerability (the only actual “organ” in his body is the Mind Stalks on his head, that allow him to feed and to communicate); as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in any environment (albeit not protecting him from cold, which is still his main weakness), and to create energy constructs; his constructs are quite unique, as they always resemble plants, and keep growing on their own after been created. Old enough to have survived more conflicts that he’d like to count, Medphyll deeply believes in his personal oath: “In the forest dark of blade beferned, no blade of glass shall go unturned. Let those who have the daylight spurned, tread not where this green lamp has burned!