Crystalia Amaquelin (Crystal)

Next character in the Inhumans main cast is the other female one, Crystal, portrayed by Isabelle Cornish. Described as “naive and curious”, Crystal will be the princess of the Royal Family, sister to Queen Medusa and eager to explore the world outside Attilan. This particular trait marks a similarity between the live action version and the comics one, as originally Crystal is the one who pushes the more to force the Inhumans to blend in with other people, and who’s always represented a bridge between Attilan and the outside world with her friendships, romances and occasional membership in several superhero teams, Avengers included. Unfortunately, due to the usual copyrights conflict, we won’t see Crystal interact with the hero who’s been her main love interest for much of her early publication history…but we can find their story here nevertheless.

Crystalia Amaquelin was born in Attilan, the secret city of Inhumans, from nutritionists Quelin and Ambur. The Inhumans, an off-shoot of humanity created millennia before by a group of Kree, allowed their people to be exposed to the Terrigen Mist and to obtain the special abilities deriving from Terrigenesis only after a period of formation, but like her older sister Medusalith, Crystalia was exposed to the Mist when she was still a child, and she gained the remarkable power of controlling the four classic elements, earth, air, water and fire. Crystalia, or Crystal for short, used to hang out with her older sister and her cousins Gorgon, Karnak and Maximus, but because of the age difference they mostly acted as a babysitter to her. Another inseparable companion of hers was her pet dog, the huge Lockjaw, a teleporting guardian that accompanied her wherever she went. When she was eight years old, she met for the first time her older cousin, Black Bolt, Medusa’s bethroted and her future brother-in-law, who had been isolated from the rest of Inhumans because of his uncontrollable power. Not much time after that first meeting, barely a year, the young Black Bolt was forced to accept the crown of king, as his parents, the current rulers, died during an accident caused by Maximus, whose ambition knew no limit. It was because of Maximus that a war erupted within Attilan, forcing the Royal Family to battle the prince, his army of Alpha Primitives and his newest creation, the powerful Trikon: during the following conflict, Medusa crash-landed somwhere in Asia, and the Royal Family lost the war, being exiled by Maximus, the new king. Crystal spent the following years with her cousins, growing up in a world that was alien to her and trying to locate her sister, who suffered from amnesia and couldn’t return to them. Luckily enough, Lockjaw stayed with her, so Crystal and the others could reach any place on Earth they wanted in no time, accelerating the search. Unlike her relatives, however, Crystal was fascinated by everything she saw, and growing up out of Attilan made her extremely receptive to the outside world’s uses and costumes. Finally, the Inhumans located Medusa in the United States of America, in New York City.

One night, while patrolling the area to try and find Medusa, Crystal met a man who was literally on fire: he was Johnny Storm, the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. Between the two it was love at first sight, and they spent much time together. Crystal even mistook Johnny for an Inhuman because of his powers. When she tried to introduce him to her family, however, something unexpected happened: Gorgon had already battled the Fantastic Four before, and believed that the Human Torch wanted to harm Crystal. The two started fighting again, with the rest of the FF coming to Johnny’s aid, and Black Bolt coming in Gorgon’s favour. Medusa, however, had been found, so Black Bolt interrupted the fight making Lockjaw transport the Royal Family back to Attilan, where he claimed the crown back from Maximus; the Fantastic Four arrived on the scene, having understood the Inhumans were no enemies, but Crystal couldn’t do anything but watch as the deranged Maximus activated an impenetrable energy barrier that divided Attilan from the outside world, seemingly forever. With her blocked on one side of the barrier and her beloved Johnny on the other, Crystal was heartbroken, and not even the joy of having her big sister back with her could do anything to heal her love labours. Black Bolt, moved by her feelings, dedicated all his energies to breaking the barrier, and involved every capable mind in Attilan to do so, but apparently none of his or Karnak’s ideas gave any result. Finally, Maximus revealed that the barrier’s weakness lied in his brother’s voice, and Black Bolt found himself forced to use his forbidden power to free his people: Crystal and the others hid below the city, while the king spoke for the first time in years, shattering the barrier…and decimating the city. The Council decreed that the Royal Family had to stay away from Attilan as long as it was rebuilt to his former splendor, so Crystal faced yet another exile…but this time it was one she accepted with joy, as she could join her beloved Johnny once again. Thanks to Lockjaw, she arrived at the Baxter Building just in time to save the Fantastic Four from Sandman, finally able to fall into Johnny’s arms once again. Now, Crystal was where she belonged, not with her people, but with the man she loved.

Crystalia Amaquelin is an intelligent and dedicated young woman, a princess who knows her responsibilities and her duty to her people, but who’s also fascinated by everything belonging to the world outside Attilan. Often in disagreement with her sister Medusa, she nevertheless respects her and her family, and is ready to sacrifice her own happiness and interests for the sake of her people (such as when she agreed to marry the Kree Ronan to ensure peace between their two peoples). As Crystal, she possesses the Inhuman ability to control air, water, fire and earth, with a lot of variations coming from experience that make her extremely resourceful (i.e. aerokinesis allows her to fly and create “wind walls” as force fields, hydrokinesis allows her to manipulate ice and vapor as well, geokinesis makes her able to manipulate also metals, pyrokinesis allows her to control temperature); she’s also learnt to mix the elements for new abilities to emerge, and she’s now able to control electricity as well, and even to manipulate matter on an atomic level; she’s also stronger, faster and more durable than a regular human. Truly the child of two worlds, Crystal inherits the best of both, acting as a joining link between two peoples and two races: the perfect Inhuman ambassador for the human world.


Medusalith Amaquelin (Medusa)

Next character from Inhumans is one of the female leads, the proud queen Medusa, portrayed by Serinda Swan. She’s described as a wise and elegant advisor to her husband Black Bolt, but this seems to be a limit at the beginning of the series, as she’s looking for a place out of her husband’s shadow, using her remarkable qualities to emerge outside their relationship. Her portrayal is surely similar to the comics’ one…but she’s not exactly what fans were expecting, mostly because her make-up and costume make her look like an ugly cosplayer. Let’s just hope that her garments (and everything else) will look better in the actual show than in the promotional pictures, right now let’s just come back to the source, and let’s take a look at the original queen of the Inhumans.

Medusalith Amaquelin was born in Attilan, the hidden city home to the Inhumans, the descendants of prehistoric humans mutated by experiments led by the alien race of the Kree. She was the daughter of nutritionists Quelin and Ambur, and her father was the brother of Rynda, wife to the brother of the king, thus making her a member of the Royal Family. When she was still an infant, her parents exposed her to the Terrigen Mist, and the process of Terrigenesis gave her the ability to manipulate any single hair as it was a limb; soon after that, she became known as “Medusa”, after the Gorgon from Greek mythology who had snake for hair. As a cousin to the future king Black Bolt, Medusa was bethroted to him, but the boy was in an isolation chamber as long as he could not control his impossibly powerful voice; not discouraged at all, and willing to know her future husband, Medusa from time to time sneaked into the isolation chamber, introducing herself to the boy and learning to communicate with him through a special sign language they invented together. The bond between them grew stronger with the years, and when Black Bolt, at age nineteen, was finally allowed to leave his chambers, it finally blossomed into love: at that point, the two cousins were able to understand each other without any sign at all, thanks to a psychic bond Black Bolt himself had created between them. Medusa started accompanying her bethroted into his first steps as a prince, and along with him and his cousins Gorgon and Karnak she exposed the king, only known as the Unspoken, as a traitor to his people. Soon after, Black Bolt’s parents died in an accident caused by his brother Maximus, and he became king at an extremely young age: Medusa stayed by his side, and helped him through the first chrisis of his government, including the great exodus that had the Inhumans moving their home to the Himalayan Mountains. When Maximus tried to seize the throne leading an army of Alpha Primitives, Medusa fought against him and his creation, the Trikon, but during the battle her flying sled was damaged, and she crashed many miles from Attilan. When she reawakened, she couldn’t remeber anything of her past life.

Wandering in search of hints about who she was, Medusa arrived in ParisFrance, where she first experienced humans’ racism against her kind. Seeking refuge from an angry mob, she was found and saved by Paul Dumas, a thief who meant to use her for his heists: grateful to her savior, Medusa accepted to help him, and she became an expert burglar, using her powers to assist the thief. When Dumas started making advances on her, however, she felt increasingly uneasy, until she left him and France; on her way, she met a monstrous man, who actually was her cousin Gorgon: not recognizing him, Medusa refused to follow him to Attilan, and she escaped once again, this time ending up on a deserted island in the Mediterranean Sea. The French police eventually tracked her back there, and the woman had to defend herself from the intruders: while she was battling the French, a man found her: Bentley Wittman, aka Wizard, a supervillain who was forming a team to counter his enemies, the Fantastic Four. Wizard, impressed by Medusa’s powers, asked her to join him, Sandman and Paste-Pot Pete in the Frightful Four, an offer she accepted. The Wizard, realising that Medusa was amnesiac, secretly put a device in her costume that kept messing with her memories, so that she could stay with him without the risk of remembering anything of her previous life. Medusa fought the Fantastic Four more than once, even crushing Reed Richards‘ and Sue Storm‘s engagement party, but each time they got defeated, either by the superheroes alone or with some help from others, such as the Asgardian warrior Balder. While battling the X-Men, Medusa ran into Professor X, who theorized she could be a mutant and offered to restore her memory with his telepathy: as soon as the Professor located Wizard’s device on the base of Medusa’s neck, he instructed Cyclops to destroy it: free from Wizard’s control, Medusa left him to the police, and resumed her search for her origins…but she was found again by Gorgon, whom she still perceived as a menace. This time, thanks to the help of the Human Torch, Gorgon managed to defeat Medusa and to take her back to the Royal Family: upon seeing her beloved Black Bolt and her sister Crystal, Medusa’s memories finally came back: it was time for the Inhuman queen to claim her place to her king’s side.

Medusalith Amaquelin is a strong and resourceful woman, a devoted bride and a committed queen who leads her people with wisdom and determination, albeit she’s not so fond of rules and protocols as her husband is. As Medusa, she can control her hair like many mobile appendages, gifted with an unnatural durability and strength: she can move them one by one or all together, as they were a single giant limb; if cut, her hair grow back very quickly; as an Inhuman, she’s also stronger, faster, more durable and agile than any human. A queen worthy of her throne, more than capable to rule even without her husband (something that she’s forced to do from time to time), Medusa is the true pillar that holds the entire Royal Family, the perfect match for a leader such as her beloved Black Bolt.

Blackagar Boltagon (Black Bolt)

The second upcoming show we can already see the main cast of is Inhumans, the long-awaited movie turned into a tv series that will be released next September. The protagonist of the show will be the Inhuman Royal Family, so we can’t help but starting with the king, His Majesty Black Bolt, portrayed by Anson Mount. Gifted and cursed with an extremely powerful voice, Black Bolt must remain silent, forcing himself to communicate through other means (apparently he’ll be using some kind of sign language, differently from his comicbook counterpart), and Mount to appear in a mute role, quite a challenge. Black Bolt is described as strong, thoughftul but arrogant, a king who doesn’t need any second opinion and who doesn’t tolerate being questioned…thus making him pretty similar to the original, who however keeps in consideration the suggestions of his most trusted advisors, his wife being the first among them. Let’s see together.

Blackagar Boltagon was born in the hidden city of Attilan, homeland of the Inhumans (a mutated race of humans created by the Kree during a genetic experiment). Blackagar was the son of two of Attilan’s top geneticists, Agon and Rynda, who wanted to have their son be the next step in Inhuman evolution: unlike all the other Inhumans, they exposed their son to the Terrigen Mists when he was still an embryo, and this deeply affected the baby’s development, as he was gifted with powers far greater than even the Inhuman average. This, however, backfired, as Blackagar’s powers proved to be uncontrollable: the first time the baby cried, his incredible voice made the entire building he was in collapse, and he saved himself by unconsciously create an energy shield around himself. Agon realised his son had to be isolated as long as he didn’t learn to control his powers, so he was locked in a sound-proof chamber, and soon after he was given an energy-harnessing suit. Through hard discipline and meditation, over the years Blackagar learnt how to control his voice, to the point that he was also able to prevent himself from talking during his sleep (or even from sneezing); this, however, came to a cost, as for nineteen years the boy couldn’t enter society, and he never met anybody outside the chamber, including his brother Maximus. It was in this occasion that Blackagar met his cousins, including Medusalith Amaquelin, his bethroted, whom he had never seen in his life. It was also thanks to Blackagar that Agon became the king of Inhumans, as the previous king, referred to only as the Unspoken, was found guilty of treason, and the boy disposed of him. A year later, he also discovered that his very brother Maximus was trying to sell his people to the Kree in exchange of the throne, as he was jealous of Blackagar: the older brother found himself forced to use his forbidden voice to destroy the Kree ship that was leaving Attilan, but it crashed on the Inhuman parliament, killing many…including Agon and Rynda (while the sound of his voice drew Maximus mad). Ridden with guilt, Blackagar Boltagon was however considered a hero, and he was forced to accept the crown as the Inhuman king. Black Bolt was born.

Black Bolt ruled Attilan assisted by his cousins, especially by Medusa, who became his interpreter and his voice in public meetings. On one occasion, however, a member of the Royal Family, Triton, was abducted by xenophobic humans. Although Triton managed to escape quickly, Black Bolt realised that it was only a matter of time before humans managed to locate Attilan and to come in forces: he decided to move the entire city from the island in the Atlantic Ocean it had always been on to the Himalayan Mountains, helped by the scientists of the Eternals, a people he had allied himself with. This migration proved to be quite a challenge for his government, but everything went according to plans. If he protected his people well from the humans, however, Black Bolt failed to foresee the closest of threats, as his mad brother Maximus created an artificial energy creature, the Trikon, and led the slaves Alpha Primitives in a rebellion, managing to exile the entire Royal Family from Attilan. During the battle, Medusalith was lost, and in the following years Black Bolt and his cousins travelled the world to find her, eventually locating her in the United States of America where, amnesiac, she had become a criminal. Through Crystal, Medusalith’s sister, Black Bolt met the Fantastic Four, who helped him in restoring his bethroted’s memory. The heroes then accompanied the Royal Family back to Attilan, where Black Bolt single-handedly annihilated an army of Alpha Primitives and finally confronted his brother, claiming the crown back from him. While Mr. Fantastic was trying to convince the king that he needed to reveal the Inhumans’ presence to the outside world, Maximus tried to activate one of his deadly devices, the Atmo-Gun, that would have erased the human race from Earth leaving the planet for the Inhumans to take. Black Bolt promptly intervened, and destroyed the weapon before it could be used, thus saving every human on the planet…but doing so, he unwillingly activated an impenetrable barrier around Attilan, so that all Inhumans were trapped in, while all humans were locked outside. Now, with Medusalith back to his side and ready to become his queen, Black Bolt faced his most challenging task yet: to free his people from captivity, accepting the risk to face a world that most likely wanted them dead for the simple fact of being different.

Blackagar Boltagon is a serious and wise king, a man forged by his long solitude and neverending silence, strong-willed and determined to protect his people no matter the cost. As Black Bolt, he can absorb and harness electrons and ambient particles, storing them into an extra organ located in his brain’s speech centre with a variety of effects: first of all, his voice is unbelievably powerful, as a single whisper can level a city, and a scream can tear apart a planet; he can also use the absorbed energy to increase his strenght and durability, to fly and even to manipulate energy and matter at will; he also shares a telepathic bond with his wife Medusa, so that she can interpret his thoughts and speak on his behalf. Possibly the most powerful Inhuman ever existed, Black Bolt is a king loyal to his people and to his family, a proud Inhuman who’ll protect his people from any threat, coming it from inside or outside his domains, truly a man of his word, considering how lethal words can be coming from his mouth…