Nathan Christopher Charles Summers (Cable)

We’ve been waiting for it since the very first announcement in the Deadpool post-credit scene, and we finally have it: our first look at the fan-favorite time-traveler Cable, portrayed by professional badass Josh Brolin. Nothing is known about Cable’s role in Deadpool 2 so far, except that he’ll come to blows with the Merc with a Mouth (not that this comes as a surprise, actually). His look is simply amazing, and it comes straight from the comics. The teddy-bear attached to his suit may be a relic from his childhood in the future, but it may also hint at the presence of a famous baby he took along recently… Speculate all you want, but in the meanwhile we’ll take a look at the original Cable from the comics.

Nathan Summers‘ birth was long planned before he was even a possibility. The geneticist Mr. Sinister, as always blocked in an immortal clash with his rival Apocalypse, studied the genetic templates of many mutants, until he found out that the potential son of Scott “Cyclops” Summers and Jean “Marvel Girl” Grey would have been an extremely powerful mutant, one that he could control and use against Apocalypse. Since Jean Grey was at the time presumed dead, Sinister created a clone of her, Madelyne Pryor, and arranged things so that Summers met her; shocked by Madelyne’s resemblance to his one true love, Cyclops fell for it, and he fell in love with the clone. The two got married and had a child, Nathan of course, and when Cyclops lost the leadership of the X-Men the entire family moved to Alaska. Here, the marriage between Scott and Madelyne grew wary, and things definitely fell apart when Jean was found alive, and Scott left both Madelyne and Nathan to reach her. Before Madelyne could be exposed as a clone, Sinister sent his Marauders to kill her and kidnap baby Nathan: the woman survived, but Nathan was brought to a secret lab, where Sinister experimented on him for months. The precog Destiny led Scott and Jean to the lab, but in the meanwhile Madelyne had sold her soul to the demons N’astirh and S’ym to become the Goblin Queen, promising her new masters to sacrifice Nathan. Jean managed to defeat the Goblin Queen, and by doing so she even absorbed her memories of rising baby Nathan; she decided to raise the baby with Scott, but the Riders of the Storm, a group of Apocalypse’s followers, kidnapped the baby once again, knowing he was the one destined to kill their master. Before X-Factor could saved the baby, the Riders infected him with a Techno-Organic Virus, that would have killed him spreading organic steel in his body. A woman, Sister Askani, appeared before Cyclops, telling him she could bring the baby to the future to save him, as he was a messianic hero in her time, but that she would have been unable to make another time jump to bring him back. Wanting to save his son’s life, Cyclops entrusted him to the woman, and she left with him to her future, never to return.

The future Sister Askani took Nathan to was a despaired world ruled by Apocalypse: in here, Nathan was awaited as the Askani’son, the one who would have killed Apocalypse and freed the world. Mother Askani, a time-displaced version of Nathan’s sister Rachel Summers, realized the virus had progressed too far to be erased, and she cloned the baby to have a savior… but Nathan survived, thanks to the previous intervention of the sentient Ship. The clone was later abducted by Apocalypse, and Mother Askani brought to her future both Cyclops and Jean to protect their son, as she had been wounded by Apocalypse’s Canaanites. Under the alias of Redd and Slym Dayspring, the two time-travelers raised and protected Nathan, and also trained him in the use of his growing powers, with Redd teaching him how to use his telekinesis to contain the virus. Eventually, when he was only eight years old, Nathan faced Apocalypse with Redd and Slym, and apparently managed to kill him by severing his connection with Stryfe, his clone meant to be the tyrant’s new host. Redd and Slym disappeared, sent back to their time, and Nathan was left alone, wandering the world while Stryfe created a new military dictatorship. As Sryfe guided his New Canaanites, Nathan founded the Clan Chosen, an organised rebellion to oppose the tyranny. The war went on for years, forging Nathan into a superb warrior and tactician, a guide despite his young age. Accompanied by his best friend Tetherblood and his love interest and eventually wife Aliya, Nathan battled Stryfe and his regime over and over, facing many losses. Aliya was abducted and raped by Stryfe, and when she came back she was pregnant: she gave birth to Tyler, a son Nathan accepted as his own. The woman was later killed in an attack, while Tyler was abducted and transformed into an agent against Nathan: by this time, the man had become much harsher and colder than he had been before. Eventually, however, the war was lost, and Nathan found himself in a world he didn’t want as his own. Wanting to do what he could to fix things, he traveled back in time with Celestial technology, trying to kill En Sabah Nur in Ancient Egypt before he became Apocalypse. Ironically, he set in motion the very events that created Apocalypse, and he came back to his time defeated. After years of war, Stryfe came back to the XX Century to replace Apocalypse, and Nathan followed him. He arrived to Muir Island, where he started his new mission. Introducing himself as Cable, he started his search of Stryfe, back to what he didn’t know was his original timeline.

Nathan Summers is a man hardened by years of war, a tough-as-nails and no-nonsense warrior who went through atrocities and losses, and emerged as a war machine used to keep his conscience quite justifying his debatable means with noble ends. As Cable, he’s an extremely powerful mutant, a telepath who might be even more powerful than Professor X gifted also with a devastating telekinesis, able to control consciences and to manipulate matter to any extent, being also able to teleport anywhere and anywhen in time and space; unfortunately, he can’t use his powers most of the time, since he needs them to contain the virus killing him; the virus itself, making him nearly a cyborg, grants him superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina, agility and reflexes, and even without said abilities he’s an excellent fighter, an expert hand-to-hand combatant and an infallible marksman, with quite a taste for impossibly huge guns and for futuristic gadgets. A warrior who crosses time and space to fight his battles, Cable has been driven to extreme measures, and he’s now so used to them that he barely takes in consideration routes other than violence and murder: truly a hound of war, Cable constantly fights for keeping alive what remains of his humanity, from the virus as well as from the monster the battlefield made him become…


Jonah Woodson Hex

Jonah HexOk, there was still another character having a cameo in The Flash episode Welcome to Earth-2. When the team is traveling from a universe to another, there are many glimpses of future and past: we see the original Flash from the 1990s tv series, Supergirl (hinting at the future crossover between the two shows), a Legion Ring (more heroes coming…), a future Green Arrow (appearing on Legends of Tomorrow)… and an ugly and menacing gunslinger, Jonah Hex, portrayed by Jonathon Schaech. Hex will appear in Legends‘ eleventh episode, The Magnificent Eight, but this is the first live action appearance of the character… in tv, at least, since the legendary bounty hunter already appeared in his own movie, Jonah Hex, portrayed by Josh Brolin. The film wasn’t exactly a memorable one, with the vengeful Hex hunting down his nemesis Quentin Turnbull for half the country, and ending up saving President Ulysses Grant and the entire United States. The tv version maybe (hopefully) will be badder… but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original one.

Jonah Hex was born in the middle of the XIX Century, the son of Woodson and Virginia Hex. Woodson was an alcoholic, and he physically abused his son from the very day he was born; eventually, when he ran out of money, Woodson arrived to the point of selling his son as a slave to an Apache tribe, when the boy was only 13 years old. The Apaches made Jonah work hard for years, treating him little better than the beasts they owned, until a fateful day when Hex, now a young man, was the only one present when the chieftain was attacked by a puma. Instead of letting his captor die, Jonah saved him from the animal, and in return, grateful, the chieftain adopted him, making him a part of the tribe. The chief, however, had a son already, Noh-Tante, who grew jealous of his adopted brother: when Jonah became interested in White Fawn, the same girl Noh-Tante liked, the Apache boy decided to get rid of the rival. During their rite of passage to manhood, when they were 16, Noh-Tante betrayed Jonah Hex, and sold him jonahhexcomics1to the Apaches’ rivals, the Kiowas. Jonah was left for dead, but the same Kiowa tribe that was supposed to kill him was attacked by the Cavalry, and the white boy was “saved”. When the patrol started massacring the Kiowas, however, Hex tried to stop his saviors, and he got shot as well, and left for dead in the woods once again. The boy was tougher than he looked, and he survived; an old man, a trapper, found him, and nursed him back to health. When he could walk again, Jonah tried to reach his tribe, but the Apaches had long abandoned their last camp. Alone and lost, Jonah Hex wandered for a while, until he rejoined the Western civilization; he became close friends with a boy his age, Jeb Turnbull, and when the Civil War started, he followed him in the Confederate States Army. In the Cavalry, the skills learnt with the Apaches made it easy for Hex to distinguish himself, and he soon rose in ranks, becoming a lieutenant; since he had been a slave, however, it was difficult for him not to believe in the Abolitionists’ cause. One night, following his conscience, Hex surrendered himself the Union Army, abandoning his comrades in arms. The Union wasn’t satisfied with an officer, though: they wanted all the unit.

A man of honor, Jonah Hex refused to give his captors the location of his men, but the enemies were able to locate them nevertheless, deducing the position of the camp from the mud on the officer’s boots. The entire unit was captured, and the Union General ordered a massacre of the prisoners, letting only a few survive; he then made them believe Hex had betrayed them and revealed their location. From that moment, Jonah Hex was branded a traitor and a turncoat in the South, and he became an outlaw for the rest of his life. When the war ended, there was not much Hex could do, and he eventually managed to return to the Apaches; he found out that Noh-Tante had married White Fawn and, enraged, he exposed his betrayal to the entire tribe. The chieftain refused to believe Hex, and ordered his sons to solve things in a trial by combat; Noh-Tante, however, cheated, and gave his rival an edgeless tomahawk. During the duel, in ordered not to be killed, Hex used his knife to kill Noh-Tante, and he appeared as jonahhexcomics2the one who cheated in front of the entire tribe: enraged, the chieftain had him suffer the Mark of the Demon, a burning that disfigured him permanently, and exiled him. Despite the exile, Hex came back to the village some time later, when a man named Henri d’Aubergnon asked for his help to rescue a kidnapped white woman: captured by his ex-fellow tribesmen, Hex was about to be executed, but White Fawn tried to save him. When he found out what the woman was doing, the chieftain killed White Fawn, only to be killed in turn by a vengeful Hex. With the help of d’Aubergnon, Jonah gunned down most of the tribe he had grown up with, severing once and for all his bonds with his past. With nothing to live nor to die for, Jonah Hex became a drunkard, and traveled from saloon to saloon, until the day he saw a man beating his wife: in his alcohol-induced hallucinated state, Jonah believed him to be his father beating his mother, and he gunned the man down. The man was actually Lucas “Mad Dog” McGill, a renowned criminal, and the local sheriff, impressed by Jonah’s quickness, paid him the remarkable amount of McGill’s bounty. The duel, the kill and the payment arrived to Hex as an epiphany: from that day, he became a bounty hunter, and in a few years, he was already one of the most feared men in the Old West.

Jonah Hex is a brutal man for a brutal world: he has known the worst of two cultures, he’s taken the little good they could give him, and he’s now bent on using all his skills to make the world a little better, by killing off the few worse than him. His reputation of the most lethal man in the West is actually well-founded: he’s simply unbeatable with a gun, gifted with an infallible aim and a quickness second to no one’s; he’s also an excellent fighter with his knife, and he has even killed a bear with nothing but his blade; he can tame any horse and he’s a superb rider (during a time-travel, he even became a great car-driver), and he was renowned as the best hunter and tracker in his Apache tribe. Careful to make people believe he only cares about money, Jonah Hex actually follows a strict code of honor, and has also a “soft”, altruistic side… but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous, and all criminals know that only death awaits them if they cross paths with the disfigured bounty hunter from Hell.

Dwight McCarthy

dwightmccartyfilmToday I take a break from all the Green Lanterns and Injustice in general, since Robert Rodriguez has posted the first pic from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, his upcoming movie from Frank Miller‘s graphic novels. The image sees a first rendering of Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy, the private detective portrayed by Clive Owen in the first movie. Well, Brolin and Owen don’t look alike at all… but everything makes sense since A Dame to Kill For takes place before The Big Fat Kill (the episode of the first movie), and between the two something happens to Dwight. Read on, but be aware: there are some spoilers.

We know little of Dwight McCarthy’s past, apart that he lived in quite a reckless way, even above the average of Basin City‘s inhabitants, which is quite something. It is possible that he killed his own father during one of his “incidents”, but this has never been confirmed. He was a photographer for an important newspaper, and he had a beautiful girlfriend, Ava, maybe the most beautiful woman in town. Unfortunately for him, Ava was far too ambitious for spending her life with a mere photographer, and left him, marrying billionaire Damien Lord. This led Dwight down a dwightmccarthycomics1dangerous path, and, after a first period of total depression, spent getting drunk at Kadie’s and sleeping with the pub’s waitress Shellie, he embraced his old life of anger and violence, causing many troubles. With a violent temper and quite an issue with alcoholism, Dwight ended up losing his job. Reaching the bottom, he decided to stop drinking and to do something about his aggressive character, becoming an extremely insecure man, who avoided every possible pleasure and who was dominated by the fear of coming back being the violent brute he used to be. His only weakness left from his previous life was his old-fashioned chivalry, a trait that brought him to help any damsel in distress he met on his path: that’s how he met Miho, a young prostitute from Old Town, who he saved from Tong gangsters. Cleaning himself up, Dwight managed to find a new job as a private detective, and his main activity was to take pictures of adulterous husbands on their wives’ order. Happy with his new self, Dwight seemed to enjoy his new life, even if it wasn’t even nearly as exciting as the previous one.

Everything changed when, after four years they broke up, Ava came back to him, asking for his help. They met at a bar, with Dwight still angry with her for the way they parted. Ava confessed him she was afraid for her own life, and in that very moment a giant brute appeared: Manute, the chief of Damien Lord’s private security. The colossus took Ava away, but Dwight followed them to Lord’s estate, just to see if Ava was right. Manute found him first, and brutally beat him. Bruised and angry, Dwight came back to his apartment, just to find Ava in his place: the dwightmccarthycomics2two argued, but ended up sleeping together. Ava told Dwight that her life wasn’t happy at all, that Damien enjoyed to torture her and to see Manute beating and raping her, and again asked for his help. In that moment, Manute broke in, and beat Dwight once again, throwing him out of his apartment’s window. Back on his feet just in time to see his beloved Ava’s terrified face looking at him through a car’s window, Dwight finally came back to his old, violent self. He went to Kadie’s to look for some reinforcement, and found the help of Marv, a former boxer and an ugly giant, who accepted to help him seeing him as a friend. The two of them arrived at Lord’s estate, and while Marv took care of the security (he even clobbered Manute with no difficulty at all), Dwight reached Damien’s room. The two fought, and Dwight managed to kill his rival, the man who hurt the woman he loved. Unfortunately, nothing of Ava’s story was true. The woman showed up, and told Dwight that he had been used by her since the very beginning: now that her husband was dead, she would have inherited his fortune. After mocking Dwight for his credulity, she shot him in the face. Marv, hearing the shot, intervened and took away Dwight’s still alive body; with his last energies, Dwight asked his friend to take him to the Old City, the prostitutes’ quarter, where an old flame of his, Gail, lived. Dwight used the debt of honor that Miho had with him from the time he saved her for getting the women’s help. They provided him with a new face and helped him with his rehabilitation. More aggressive and furious than ever, Dwight McCarthy was finally ready for his vengeance.

Dwight McCarthy is a man with violent and brutal tendencies, who strives to keep his nature at bay, but always ends up surrendering to it. He falls in love very frequently, and he deeply and truly loves every woman he meets; he’s often driven by a sense of chivalry that puts him in danger most of the times. He’s a good fighter, with Olympic level strength, speed and durability; he hates to skin his knuckles, so he prefers to fight using kicks and, above all, guns. Dwight surely isn’t the worst guy in Sin City: at least, he tries to do the right thing, every time his nearly-non existent luck puts him in an odd situation… something that happens frequently.

Dione (Thanos the Mad Titan)

First of all, I’d like to start with a personal favorite of mine, Thanos the Mad Titan. The reason is simple: he’s the one who directly caused the existence of this blog. Many people, after seeing The Avengers, asked: “Who is the purple guy appearing at the end of the movie?” To answer them and many others (who probably had all the time in the world to check out the information they needed, but never mind), let’s see who this Thanos guy is.

First of all, Thanos was born on Titan, the moon of Saturn. He’s the firstborn son of A’lars, also known as Mentor, and his wife Sui-San. Mentor was the leader of the Eternals‘ colony on Saturn, and the wisest of his race. Thanos doesn’t look much like an Eternal because he was born with the gene of the Deviants: to make long story short, both Eternals and Deviants are races created by the genetic experiments of the Celestials (some sort of space-gods, who created many life-forms around the Universe) on Earth, something like 5 millions years ago. While the Eternals are a beautiful, wise and peaceful people, the Deviants are unstable, violent and twisted. Despite being raised gently and introduced to superior knowledge and arts, Thanos deployed from the very beginning the character of his genetic cousins Deviants. He isolated himself often from the others Eternals, giving some kind of relationship only to his carefree brother Eros (who will become the superhero Starfox). In his loneliness, Thanos started to develop a deep sensitiveness and a wide knowledge of the universe’s laws, and became fascinated by the way everything comes to life only to disappear some time after: he fell in love with Mistress Death herself, the personification of death in the Marvel Universe. The things you do for love! Thanos tried to impress his beloved, wanting to give her a present beautiful enough to satisfy her hunger and to make her love him: he wanted to kill every single living being, as a betrothal gift to Death. He started from Titan itself, which suffered great destruction from his first attack; during the attack on Titan, Sui-San got killed, and Eros and Mentor swore to stop the Mad Titan.
Since then, Thanos (whose name is taken from Thanatos, the Greek god of death) has become one of the most powerful beings in the universe, trying to gain more and more power to finally satisfy his beloved Death. To the normal powers of his race (superhuman strength, durability and longevity, energy manipulation and some kind of telekinesis) he adds an extremely cunning intelligence and a wise knowledge of bionics and mysticism. He has searched in the years for sources of unlimited power, such as the Cosmic Cube (that in the movie universe is called Tesseract) or, above all, the Infinity Gauntlet, a powerful item able to reshape reality; every time he plans something, the entire Marvel Universe gathers to fight him, and every time he loses by a hair’s breadth. Sometimes, depending on where his interest lies, he’s also become some sort of anti-hero, teaming up with human and alien superheroes to face some threat even he regards as dangerous.