Jaycen/Jason (Flint)

The return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been quite thrilling, and definitely intriguing. We met our first new addition from the comics in last week’s episode, A Life Spent: as Tess is leading Coulson, Mack and May to the Trawler, she finds a friend of hers, a boy named Flint, sleeping in the cargo. Portrayed by Coy Stewart, Flint will be a more relevant presence from now on, and he’ll hopefully help our heroes to come back to their time… and to prevent whatever caused the massive destruction we see in the future. In the comics, Flint doesn’t live in a space station in a dystopian future, but in the present, and displays some genetic characteristics we came to know pretty well by now. Let’s see together.

Jaycen was born in the hidden city of Utolan, a community of Inhumans in Mozambique, Africa. He was the son of Dijyen and Irellis, two Inhumans, but he was taken away from his homeland as an infant when Dijyen, who feared Terrigenesis as his brother had been killed by it, decided to spare his son the same fate. Dijyen traveled to the United States of America with his infant son, looking for a better life for him, but he got killed. The baby boy was adopted by Martin, a white man from an Inhuman community who had successfully avoided Terrigenesis for millennia, and was raised by him and his wife in a small town in Minnesota. Jaycen, rechristened Jason, grew up feeling to be different from anyone else, and being the only black boy in the entire town didn’t help things out. How much different he was, however, was far beyond what Jaycen imagined, and he discovered it the hard way when the Terrigen Bomb detonated. As the Terrigen Cloud moved towards the town, the entire community fled, and Martin had to put quite an effort in convincing Jaycen to follow him. As the family ran, followed by the cloud, they eventually found a torrent blocking their way. Just before the cloud engulfed them all, Martin told Jaycen that they were special, as the family in Mozambique they had adopted him from were. Before he could ask for explanations, Jaycen was enveloped by a cocoon, as well as all the other members of the community. He was the only one who emerged from it alive, and mutated. He was a NuHuman.

Jaycen came out of his cocoon understandably in shock, but he was immediately found by Lash, who was collecting the NuHumans he deemed worthy (killing all the others). Lash saw some potential in the boy, and he renamed him Korvostax, bringing him to Orollan; on the way to the lost city, he explained him the glorious heritage of the Inhumans… but as soon as they arrived to Orollan, they found Queen Medusa with a small army of Inhumans, come to stop Lash’s madness. Terrified by the battle, Jaycen instinctively used his powers, and much to his surprise he moved some rocks and hurled them at Gorgon, the same one who later saved him from one of the blasts Lash was shooting randomly in the crowd. As Medusa defeated Lash, Jaycen asked for her forgiveness, and also to be brought to New Attilan, to be taught about his true legacy and to control his powers. The queen agreed to that, and he allowed Jaycen to come to the city. Here, the young man was taught how to control his power, geokinesis, and he even adopted a new name, Flint, as the rock type. He became good friends with Dante, another young Inhuman who went by the name Inferno, and met many others… one of these was Lineage, a NuHuman with the unique power of ancestral memory. He knew pretty much everything about any Inhuman ever lived, and with his powers he was able to tell Flint that his biological family was still alive in Africa, and that his mother and sister lived in Utolan. It was finally time for Jaycen to meet his real people, hoping to finally find a place he didn’t feel different anymore.

Jaycen (or Jason) is a lively and vital boy, haunted by a feeling of not-belonging that accompanied him all his life. As Flint, he has the power to control earth and rocks, an ability that literally makes him able to move mountains; he can fly standing on a rock he makes levitate, he can create a rock armor to increase his strength and durability, he can create objects with soil and rock and he can even cause earthquake-like ruptures. Fully free and in peace with himself only since he acquired his powers and discovered his true nature, Flint is enthusiastic pretty much about everything in his new life, but the road to self-awareness is still long for a young an inexperienced NuHuman like him…