Karolina Dean (Lucy in the Sky)

On with the characters appearing in the upcoming Runaways, we meet the beautiful Karolina Dean, portrayed by Virginia Gardner. As everyone else in the show, Karolina will be the daughter of a couple of supervillains, but unlike all the others she’ll be an alien in hiding on Earth (albeit, if things are like in the comics, she doesn’t know it yet). She’s described as a young model who perceives her social status as a burden, and who’d like to pursue her own path rather than follow the one her parents have chosen for her…something that will become even more radical as soon as she finds out who and what her parents truly are. I’m not sure the series’ budget will help to make justice to Karolina’s true appearance, but let’s just hope the rainbow-colored alien will be as gorgeous on the screen as she is on paper. Anyway, let’s take a look at the original one as usual.

Karolina Dean was born in HollywoodCalifornia, the only daughter of Frank and Leslie Dean, two famous actors mainly known for their roles in the tv series General Hospital. Karolina lived in luxury and wealth, and she had everything she wished for…but she was different from the usual movie star’s kid, as she developed a completely different personality from her parents: compassionate and caring, she was a convinced pacifist, and she even became a vegan as a teenager not wanting to hurt any living creature. Since she was a little baby, she was told by her parents that she was allergic to penicillin, and she was forced to wear day and night a medic alert bracelet in case of emergency. Once every year, she followed her father and mother to a charity event involving other five families, each one with a single child: Karolina became friends with all the others, and she developed a particular relationship with the youngest of them all, Molly Hayes, whom she became like a big sister to. Growing up, she became more and more sensitive to matters of social justice and environmentalism, and as soon as she found out she was a lesbian, this became even more of a distinctive trait for her. Finally, on a fateful night, during one of the annual meetings with the other families, she was keeping company to Molly, while the other four kids were exploring a “secret passage” one of them, Alex Wilder, had just discovered. When they came back, they claimed to have witnessed all their parents, including Karolina’s and Molly’s ones, performing some dark ceremony and killing a young girl in cold blood. Karolina thought of a bad joke, and she got angry at them, believing they were trying to scare Molly, but the others seemed to be sure of what they were saying. She found herself nearly forced to play along when all the other five of her friends decided to run away from home, and even planned a ransack in their respective houses to collect evidence against them. When they arrived at the Deans’ home, the only thing they found was the last will and testament of Frank and Leslie, locked with a symbol resembling the one on her bracelet. Convinced by Alex, Karolina removed her medical aid bracelet, believing she would have finally given her friends the evidence they were wrong. Actually, it was the other way round.

Without the bracelet, her skin started changing, as she glowed with a light of all the colors of the rainbow. Shocked at first, Karolina found herself even more confused when Alex, who had overheard what their parents were saying, theorized that she was the alien he had been hearing of. With such an obvious evidence, Karolina couldn’t do anything else but to follow her friends in their escape, but she was soon confronted by her parents, who had come to stop them along with all the others. Frank Dean confirmed to her that they were indeed aliens, on the run from planet Majesdane where they were wanted criminals; with everything her friends told her confirmed, and discovering she had superpowers besides her shining appearance, Karolina fought her parents back and made her escape with Alex and the others, officially entering in conflict with their parents (who turned out to be members of The Pride, a group of supervillains devoted to cosmic destroyers known as the Gibborim). At first, Karolina found solace in her friends, and when everybody started picking up superhero names, she chose Lucy in the Sky for herself, after her favorite song by the Beatles. Soon, however, she found herself more and more uncomfortable with her “new” nature, as she considered herself a freak even among her “peculiar” teammates, being the only one not from Earth to begin with. Her uneasiness soon became a true depression, as Karolina summed up all the problems concerning her heritage, her homosexuality, the truth about her parents. With quite a death wish, the only thing that prevented Karolina from ending her own life was her relationship with Molly, as the young girl still relied on her, and wouldn’t have endured her suicide. Her condition became clear to the others, however, when the group was attacked by a gang of vampires led by the charming Topher: wanting to sacrifice herself for the rest of the team, Karolina allowed herself to be bitten by the undead…but the effect wasn’t the one she was expecting, as the solar energy stored in her body incinerated the vampire as soon as he drank but a drop of her blood. Soon, however, she would have needed to solve her problems, as her friends would have needed her in the upcoming final battle with The Pride…

Karolina Dean is a gentle and caring young woman, characterized by a strong morality and an innate compassion. As a Majesdanian, she’s able to absorb and store solar energy, which she can use in a variety of ways: she can fly, she can emit light and heat, she can shoot powerful energy blasts or create force fields, and she can augment her physical strength, durability and speed; every time she uses her powers while not under direct sunlight she depletes her reserves, and while wearing her “medical aid” bracelet all her abilities are suppressed. Gifted with a heart of gold, but also weakened by a fragile sensitivity, Karolina spends all her energies to make sure nobody around her suffers…unfortunately, she doesn’t take care of her own pain just as much.