Mercedes “Misty” Knight

mistyknightfilmLet’s get back to Marvel for the awesome, second trailer for Luke Cage (which is coming in a month time). There are some new faces among bad and good guys, and let’s start with the good ones: Misty Knight, portrayed by Simone Missick. In the show, Misty will be a detective from NYPD, working in the Harlem block and doing her best to face the new wave of criminality that hit the area… and to learn more about its unusual bulletproof protector, Luke Cage. In the comics, she started as a police detective as well, but she ended up being something more… and with a totally different kind of uniform. Let’s see together.

Mercedes Knight was born and raised in New York City. Little or nothing is known about her early life, and the only thing we know for sure is that she had always wanted to be a cop, from her very childhood. Once grown up, she entered Police Academy and she graduated with honors. Upon entering the NYPD, it became clear she would have gotten on in her professional life, and she indeed started to rise ranks pretty quickly. As a Lieutenant, “Misty” Knight was partnered with Lt. Rafael Scarfe, an older officer who also became her mentor. Lt. Knight became quite a known figure in the neighborhood, and was responsible for many heroic deeds that earned her many honors as well as many enemies… but also quite a number of friends. One day, in the West Side, Misty intervened in a gang war that had escalated into a gunfight; not only she managed to interrupt the war, arresting some of the responsible, but she even saved the life of a civilian who had been unwillingly involved in the battle, Colleen Wing, a young woman who had just come back from Japan. Alone and with no contacts in town, Colleen saw Misty as the first friendly face in New York, and the two became fast friends, soon becoming inseparable. Misty had just the life she had always dreamt of… and that wasn’t meant to last: during a simple inspection in a bank, the woman found a bomb. With no time to call the specialists, Misty tried to dispose of it herself: her efforts did indeed save all the people in the bank, but the device exploded nevertheless, taking away her right arm. Scarfe saved mistyknightcomics1her, applied an emergency bandage and brought her to the nearest hospital, never leaving her side until she recovered. When she woke up, Misty was one arm short, she had been given yet another medal, but she had been suspended from active duty and given a desk job. That wasn’t exactly what she meant with “To protect and serve”, so she eventually left NYPD… but a surprise was still waiting for her. Among the people she had saved in the bank there was Tony Stark, who had noticed her heroism, and had decided to reward her by building for her a bionic arm based on Batron Strucker‘s Satan Claw. Quite unexpectedly, Misty Knight had once again two functioning arms.

In the following days, while in Hong Kong with Colleen, Misty found herself allying with her friend to take down a criminal, Emil Vachon. This gave an idea to the two girls, and after Vachon was brought down, they came back to New York, and together they opened a private investigation business: Knightwing Restorations, Ltd., dealing with cases nobody else wanted to solve. Misty and Colleen soon made quite a name for themselves in the city, but popularity also brought notoriety, and some old enemies from Colleen’s past came back knocking to her door… well, sort of, as the Cult of Khali actually broke into her house trying to kidnap her and her family. Colleen rushed in, and repelled some of the invaders… but she even mistook the masked hero Iron Fist for one of the cultists, and she engaged him in battle. She was overpowered and knocked out, but when she woke up, the hero had solved the situation: the two became fast friends, and even something more, as they started a relationship soon after their first meeting. The cooperation between Misty and Danny Rand proved to be a precious one, as the hero helped her once again in rescuing Colleen, this time from the warlord Master Khan: together with Rafe, Misty Knight and Iron Fist defeated Khan and his minions, the Sorel brothers Ravager and Radion, saving her friend. Back home, Misty returned the favor, helping Danny in taking back his family company. It was when D.A. Blake Tower enlisted Misty to infiltrate mistyknightcomics2in Bushmaster‘s gang that she finally met Luke Cage, the one who would have become Iron Fist’s partner in the Heroes for Hire. It was also during this mission that, fighting against the Steel Serpent along with HfH and Spider-Man, Misty and Colleen received the nickname Daughters of the Dragon, a sarcastic moniker that they liked and decided to keep. Often helping the Heroes for Hire, Nelson and Murdock Attorney’s at Law or even NYPD, the Daughters of the Dragon became vital in New York’s crime-fighting, and Misty Knight found out she could do a lot of good even without a badge.

Misty Knight is a proud and strong-willed woman, firmly dedicated to protecting people since her childhood, and with a strong sense of responsibility. A skilled martial artist trained by masters such as Iron Fist and Shang-Chi, she’s also a superb driver and a trained marksman; her bionic arm, built by Stark Industries, gives her a limited superhuman strength (as well as remarkable durability and stamina limited to her right arm), which she mostly uses in steel-strong grips; the updated version of her arm, built in diamonds and Vibranium rather than steel, is able to generate a repulsor beam, a small force field, ice-blasts, an autonomous magnetic field and some sort of concussive blast; it also allows Misty to interact with advanced tech. With or without a badge, Misty Knight is a tireless heroine, who fights for justice in any way possible to her… but who considers a rich check quite a good incentive for doing so.