princeevillofilmMy fault, I completely forgot about Powerless, but the second episode was released last week, and it shone for name drops, Easter-eggs and references (…for those at least). In Wayne Dream Team we also meet one new character, another long-forgotten one reinvented in a different way: Prince Evillo, portrayed by David St. James. In the episode, Emily Locke is forced by the head of Human Resources Samuel Greene to watch twenty-four hours of an anti-bullism video, in which, among other things, the reforming villain Prince Evillo gives advises against bullying other people. This humiliated, devilish criminal only appears in the comics in a possible future of an alternate Earth that has been erased from existence, the so-called Pre-Zero Hour. Difficulties of timeline and continuity apart, let’s take a look at the once glorious Evillo.

Evillo was born in the 30th Century, on the remote planet Tartarus. His parents were rulers but not native of Tartarus, and they soon learnt that their population valued treachery and cruelty over everything else; fearing their son would have been unable to control such an evil planet, they gave him a name that could inspire fear into the peasants, and trained him since he was a boy into knowing the darker and most dangerous aspects of human behavior, so that he would have been able to anticipate any attack to his own person. Apparently, his parents’ teachings worked far too well, as Evillo not only learned cruelty, sadism, brutality, but he also started to enjoy them: since he was a kid, he was known for his violence against his servants, when he grew up he started blackmailing some of the most important functionaries of the court, and as soon as he reached adulthood, he orchestrated his parents’ death, princeevillocomics1seizing the throne from them. In the following years, Prince Evillo (he maintained the title, as it was the one people had learnt to fear him with) studied magic and became an accomplished sorcerer, and he strengthened his power over Tartarus; he even had eleven wives, but when he got bored of them he exiled them all in the Realm of Darkness, a hellish dimension he had learnt to open a portal to. He also opened his planet to the worst criminals from the entire galaxy, offering them a safe harbor: this alienated the sympathy of the United Planets from him, but his aim was reached, as he siphoned the scum’s evil energy to increase his magic powers. When he decided his power had grown enough on his own planet, he decided to extend his influence on other systems as well, so he founded a team, the Devil’s Dozen. He gathered the witch The Hag, the irresistible seducer Apollo, the storm-bringer Sugyn and the flying centaur Wild Huntsman, and sent them to other planets to perform robberies and to seed chaos: it was finally time for Prince Evillo to become something more than an isolated tyrant, and the Dozen would have allowed him to become an intergalactic despot.

The Devil’s Dozen did its job well… maybe too well, as the group attracted the attention of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The first fight between the two teams ended in the sorcerer’s favor, as he managed to capture Lightning Lad and to escape with his prize. Back to Tartarus, Evillo kept gathering other potential members to complete the Dozen, and two “criminals” with the unlikely names of Sir Prize and Miss Terious auditioned: obviously, they were not who they claimed to be, as they were Star Boy and Dream Girl in disguise. The two heroes freed Lightning Lad, and the three of them together defeated and dismantled the Devil’s Dozen. Even Prince Evillo, despite his status, spent some time in prison, leaving the rule of Tartarus to his twin daughters, Stilletta and Styx. When he finished his term, he came back to his throne, becoming a law-abiding king (prince) and a respected member of the United Planets. Well, at least for a while: when his daughters became infatuated with the Legion of Super-Heroes, princeevillocomics2Evillo decided it was his duty to grant them whatever they wished for, so he arranged the abduction of Polar Boy, Matter-Eater Lad and Calorie Queen, hoping to satisfy them. He entrusted Matter-Eater Lad to Dr. Orbal, one of his loyal servants (and one of his genetic experiments) since he had been wounded in the process, and returned to his occupations… but, once again, underestimating the League was the cause of his downfall, as Matter-Eater Lad, after being cured by Orbal, escaped from the infirmary and, trying to find a way out of Tartarus, ended up opening a portal to the Realm of Darkness, thus freeing the hundreds of people Evillo had exiled there… including his wives. The prince’s palace was suddenly crowded with furious people who wanted to exact revenge on him, and he found himself surrounded and overpowered by all the people who had been his victims in the previous decades. While the Legionnaires escaped, Evillo was tortured and killed by the escapees… but this was not the end for him, as some time later Mordru, a sorcerer even more powerful than Evillo, resurrected him and used him as a pawn against the Legion. Being reduced to a slave was, for the mighty tyrant, a fate far worse than death… but at least he had a chance to get his revenge.

Prince Evillo is the cruel and sadistic ruler of Tartarus, a clever and deceiving man devoted to evil and brutality since his childhood. He’s a very talented sorcerer, and he can grow a pair of horns on his forehead from which he can shoot the Dark Rays able to send people to the hellish Realm of Darkness or the painful and potentially lethal Blasts of Darkness, or even hypnotize people, making even the best heroes serve him in evil ways; he also disposes of advanced technology compensating for the lacks of his magic. Evil just as his name suggests, Prince Evillo craves for power, and is ready to extend his dominion over the entire galaxy.