Destiny Gonzales

Back to Runaways, we can finally start to examine the series episode per episode. In the first one, Reunion, we meet Destiny Gonzalez, portrayed by Nicole Wolf. She is a runaway girl found by the Church of Gibborim on the streets, and taken in as a new member of the cult. Destiny is cleaned and “saved” by Leslie Dean, but the woman acts with quite a creepy second end, as she’s supposed to be the last sacrifice in a mysterious ceremony. She’s allegedly killed just before she left the Church to join her baby girl back home… unfortunately, Victor Stein‘s teleporting pod doesn’t work: the girl doesn’t disappear, and Victor is forced to kill her in person, later dumping her body into the sea. In the comics, Destiny surely is just as short-lived, but her story is a little bit different, as well as her end. Let’s see together.

We don’t know much about Destiny Gonzales (with a final “s”, not a “z” like her live action counterpart), but her story mirrors the one of many other girls her age. We don’t know pretty much anything of her original family, apart from the fact that she didn’t like them much, and that there were many tensions regarding her lifestyle. Eventually, Destiny decided to run away from home, looking for freedom and for a better place to live in… but this wasn’t exactly what she found. She crossed the country up and down, and she ended up in Los Angeles, California, but there weren’t many things to do for a girl her age with no connections nor will to be found. Eventually, she became a prostitute, and she lived on the streets with what her clients paid her. Her life became a neverending succession of nights and days that looked all the same, until one night, when she was approached by someone looking quite different from her usual clients. They were Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, two clearly rich people, and apparently her pimp knew them pretty well, as he sent her to them without questioning. Destiny was brought by the pair to a huge mansion in Malibu: whatever was there, it couldn’t be worse than the life she had been living up to that point. She was wrong.

From the first moment she arrived in the villa, Destiny knew something was very wrong: she stepped into a huge room, entering from a secret passage behind a bookcase. There was a dozen of people, some dressed in fancy costumes, who promised nothing good. Before she could ask for explanations, two of them (Gene and Alice Hayes) blocked her by simply looking at her, while another one (Victor Stein) activated a weird machine and another one yet (Robert Minoru) started reading incomprehensible words from an old book. While she was still blocked in mid-air, Geoffrey came close to her, and thanked her for her sacrifice, that would have built a better future for the group’s children… then stabbed her in the chest with a huge ceremonial knife. Albeit dead, the horror wasn’t over for the poor girl: her soul was trapped in a “jar”, actually the machine activated by Victor Stein, and was kept locked, waiting to be consumed by ancient deities the world had blissfully forgotten. In the meanwhile, the children of Destiny’s killers had witnessed her murder, and that was the breaking point that led them to rebel to their parents… unfortunately, they were framed by Geoffrey Wilder for Destiny’s murder, becoming fugitives. From inside her mystic-technological prison, Destiny could do nothing but to wait for an end much more definitive than the first one.

Destiny Gonzales is a girl who experienced much more than her age would suggest, and who bit on something much bigger than she could chew in her life. Lost in a freedom she cannot manage, she’s a desperate runaway who lives by the day, trapped in a life that cannot lead her anywhere good. What she doesn’t know, however, is how bad her future will become.