Michael “Mike” Fallon (Accident Man)

We got a new trailer in these days as well, and one for a comic very few people know (and more for the American remake from Dark Horse than for the original Toxic! publication): Accident Man. Scott Adkins will portray the titular character, Accident Man, aka Mike Fallon. In the movie, he’ll be a hitman specialized in a very peculiar kind of murder, who starts a revenge campaign when his ex-girlfriend gets murdered, and by a member of his own team. The movie gets inspiration by the one story-arc in which Fallon doesn’t look like a complete monster, but not too much human either. Let’s meet him. And warnings: he’s no hero.

Most of Mike Fallon’s early life is secreted, as he himself takes good care of hiding personal information (he never was a good boy, anyway, and always aimed to making as more money as he could). In a way, there was little of Fallon that didn’t say “Ninenties!” all over: a Yuppie who loved fancy cars, beautiful women and, most of all, his job, that he dedicated all the possible time to. Fallon, however, wasn’t a banker or a broker, but the closest thing to an artisan still around: he was a hitman, and the best British assassin around, for what matters. In a world full of standardized killers for hire, Fallon specialized in a peculiar technique: he made every single hit look like an accident, sometimes even taking quite a great deal of time for it. His M.O. earned him the moniker “Accident Man”, and with an official alias came notoriety, fame… and money, not that he ever thought it was enough. He traveled the world to improve his style, becoming an unmatched martial artist and a master in every kind of weapon, learning physics, chemistry and a variety of other disciplines that could help him in his unique job. Either by shooting a target’s car tire with an ice bullet (so that, when the police checked it, the bullet had melted and it looked like a tragic but simple blow-out), or by loosening a heavy chandelier’s supporting bolts, or by manipulating a house’s heating system to cause the elder inhabitant a heart attack, the Accident Man always delivered, and nothing could ever lead to him. Strangely enough, he even managed to have a private life, and in particular he had a wife, Jill. At first, Jill was more than happy with all the expensive and stylish things that her husband brought home, but then something changed, mostly because of a friend of hers, Hilary. Mike and Jill started to drift apart, but he didn’t even realize it.

One day, when Fallon came back from one of his assignments, he found his wife ready to leave him: she and Hilary had become lovers, and they both were part of a feminist-ecologist group, Women Against the Rape of the Planet (WARP). A champion of empathy and caring, Fallon let her go away without even giving signs that he was noticing she was leaving. He simply dove back into his job, and earned another awful lot of money, this time having a little bit more PMT (Post-Murder Tension) to vent onto some unfortunate guys who were unlucky enough to cross his path after an assignment. He even traveled to the Far East to learn from a legendary sensei a forbidden technique, the Death Touch, a kung-fu punch that killed his victims with a time delay, something that would have clearly improved his professionalism. Then, something happened in the life of the shallow and uncaring Mike Fallon: Jill was killed in a robbery. He didn’t care for her anymore, he never did when they were living together, and surely didn’t do now that she had joined that eco-nuts group… but there was something that kept haunting him about her death, and he couldn’t come back to his job as happy and carefree as he had always been. He even completed another couple of assignments, but he just couldn’t enjoy them. Finally, he realized what was the “thing” that just didn’t fit: examining the details of the “burglary” Jill had been killed in, Fallon recognized the M.O. of two “colleagues”, Chris and Jim. Their involvement made him think that there was something big behind the killing of his ex-wife, and he had to know what in order to make that annoying voice inside him stop and regain his joy for life (and murder). To do this, however, the needed the most unlikely of the allies: Hilary, Jill’s new girlfriend, the idealist and selfless eco-feminist who was possibly the most different person from him on the entire planet…

Mike Fallon is a selfish and hedonist man, a professional completely in love with himself and his own talent, who enjoys over everything else murdering people, having sex with beautiful women, murdering people, driving beautiful cars, and murdering people. As the Accident Man, he’s an accomplished martial artist, a poet with any kind of weapon, and an expert in a variety of disciplines that make him an amateur scientist, a superb tactician, and a very unique assassin, whose every kill is planned to the detail to look like an accident. The Accident Man is a maniac, a man who loves killing and makes a true job out of it, with its own rules: never getting involved, never caring for anyone, never trusting anybody, always delivering. When tons and tons of money reward a man’s profession and his total commitment to it, there’s truly nothing more that can be asked from life.


Lucian Aster

lucianasterfilmThe only villain among the remaining characters from Doctor Strange is one of the ZealotsLucian Aster, portrayed by martial artist Scott Adkins. Along with Kaecilius and his teammates, Lucian makes a deal with Dormammu to obtain eternal life and to have his powers increased, in exchange of an access to Earth. He’s the one who duels with Strange from London to New York, in a fight that’s much more physical than the ones we’re used to in the comics, and that continues also between dimensions. As many other guys in the movie, Lucian is a magic user in the comics as well, but he has nothing to do with the Zealots nor the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and he’s a secondary enemy of another well-established superhero team. Let’s see together.

Lucian Aster lived in Los AngelesCalifornia, but nothing is known about his family or his early life. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, he had founded a publishing house, Pan-Dimensional Publishing, specialized in books about occultism, magic and mysticism. Actually, several of the books were written by Aster himself, as he was an amateur sorcerer in the first place. Magically speaking, Lucian never accomplished much until, while trying ancient rituals, he ended up opening a portal to an unknown dimension, home of a demon, the Wild One. The Wild One promised him infinite power, and a place at his side in the new world he would have built; Aster agreed to help him arrive on Earth, and started following his instructions: he was told how to open a portal to Strange World to summon its Sorcerer SupremeShanzar, and ordered to find a body strong enough to be a host for Shanzar; he then had to sacrifice 666 demons and to spill the blood of  a single pure soul to release him from captivity, and to imprison a scion of Neptune as a catalyst. To provide the hundreds of demons, the Wild One taught Aster a spell to turn normal people into demons, and lucianastercomics1Lucian cast it the best way he knew: he bonded it to a book, and published it as Spelling Made Easy, the first book of necromancy for amateurs. The book was an announced success, and a lot of people bought it… but all who read it were turned into demons, ready to be collected by Aster and imprisoned waiting to be sacrificed. In the meanwhile, Aster had summoned Shanzar, and together they had identified the “scion of Neptune” with Namor the Sub-Mariner, king of Atlantis, who was amnesiac after a clash with Master Kahn. They imprisoned his mind into one of the demons, who once was Jill Walker, while Shanzar occupied Namor’s body. Everything was going as planned, if not for a detail: Namor’s mind broke free of control, and while in the demonic form he escaped and looked for help from one he knew he could trust… the Incredible Hulk.

While Aster and Shanzar were summoning the pure soul, the Silver Surfer, on Earth, Namor had moved to Rick Jones‘ body, contacted the Hulk, and sought the help of Doctor Strange: Lucian was worried for the presence of all the Defenders, but Shanzar reassured him, saying that they were too late to stop them. When the three heroes arrived at Pan-Dimensional Publishing building, Aster briefly confronted the Hulk, but then he teleported away along with Shanzar, the demons and a Namor-possessed Rick Jones. On the bottom of the Mariana Trench, Aster and Shanzar prepared a magic shield as a trap for the Silver Surfer: when the hero tried to pass through it, it siphoned his cosmic energies, empowering a dagger. The 666 demons attacked the three heroes, and realising they were not human anymore, the Defenders slew them… unwillingly making the first step of the sacrifice. Then, Shanzar stabbed the Surfer with the cosmic-empowered dagger, and a single drop of his blood was sufficient to lucianastercomics2complete the ritual and open a portal: the Wild One arrived on Earth, promising he would have rewarded Lucian Aster and Shanzar later. The Defenders tried to stop the Wild One, but he was far too powerful; the demon said he only wanted to play with Earth for a while, and that Lucian and Shanzar would have inherited anything that was left of the world when he was finished. Aster told the Wild One this wasn’t what they bargained for, but the demon was deaf to his protests, and he eventually tried to use his mystical weapon (a guitar) on him… but Strange shielded Aster, saving his life. Upon realizing the Wild One had no intention of keeping his word, both Aster and Shanzar allied with the Defenders, and they helped them destroying the demonic horde. Ridden with guilt, Aster offered himself as a living trap: he would have transformed into Strange, and cast a spell so that, when the Wild One would have attacked him, his body would have become a portal to the super-dense Strange Dimension, sucking the Wild One in and hopefully crushing him. This, of course, would have costed his life, but saving the world was the least he could do, after nearly destroying it.

Lucian Aster is an ambitious and greedy man, always searching for something more to gain and to conquer; a cunning and smart businessman, he’s but a naive boy in the mystic world, but his arrogance makes him blind on his lack of preparation. An amateur sorcerer, he is but a second-rate summoner at first, but with the help and teachings of the Wild One and Shanzar he gains much more power than he would have on his own, now being able to accomplish far greater deeds, to travel between dimensions, to perform ancient and dangerous rituals. More avid than truly evil, Lucian Aster plays with forces he barely understands… and the consequences risk to be dire for the entire world.

Wade Winston Wilson (Deadpool)

deadpoolfilmToday we take a little break from the tv shows, since we finally have the first official image from a highly anticipated movie: Deadpool! In the pic, we see Ryan Reynolds donning the famous red/black suit in a “sexy” pose, promising the deranged humor we’re used to from the titular character. Deadpool already appeared in the disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine in an original version: Reynolds portrayed him as a soldier in William Stryker‘s Weapon X Program, a swordsman with superhuman reflexes fighting for the major; then, he’s used as the primary guinea pig for the experiment that transformed him into Weapon XI (portrayed by Scott Adkins), a super-mutant with the combined powers of Deadpool, Wolverine, Kestrel, Bolt and Cyclops. The new movie will take a distance from the first appearance of the character, task made easier by the change of timeline in X-Men: Days of Future Past: let’s just hope the new Deadpool will be more similar to the original one (surely, he’ll not be some sort of mutant Frankenstein’s monster). Waiting for the movie, let’s see who this fan-favorite mercenary is in the comics.

Little is known about Wade Winston Wilson‘s early life, mostly because he has some problems with his memory, and he cannot always distinguish between reality and folly. He was born in Canada, and he (apparently) was the son of Thomas and Hailey Wilson: what really happened from this point on is still a mystery. Depending on what Wade remembers, he was raised by his alcoholic and abusive mother, while he never knew his father; or, he was raised by his inflexible and grim father, an ex soldier, while his mother died of cancer when he was a boy, and his father was accidentally killed by a drunken friend of Wade’s with a bottle of beer; sometimes his parents appeared to deadpoolcomics1be both alive and well in his adulthood, some others Deadpool remembered he had been manipulated by the Butler, one of his enemies, into killing them by burning them alive. Truth lies in the maze of insanity that is Wade’s mind. Being it a way or the other, at a certain point in his life Wade Wilson became a mercenary, and started traveling the world following an assignment or the other: he was active in Morocco, where he stayed for some time being in love with a local, Francie; the, he moved to Japan, with the order of killing the sumo wrestler Oyakata, but he fell in love with his target’s daughter, Sazae, and even befriended Oyakata in the three years he spent undercover in his gym, so he eventually refused to kill him and lost his contract. He moved to the United States, where he accepted any kind of jobs, from assassinations to sabotages; he also fell in love with a prostitute, Vanessa Carlysle, who was probably his first true love. Something unexpected, however, happened: Wade was diagnosed an incurable cancer, a terminal illness that gave him no hope of survival. Wade broke up with Vanessa, wanting to avoid to her being close to a terminally ill man, and he even gave up to the chemo treatments, wanting to shorten times the most he could. Everything he did was coming back to his homeland, Canada, to find some peace before the inevitable end came. What he found was not peace, but hope, in the form of the Canadian Government.

Wilson was contacted by Departmen K, a governmental weapon development agency; the Department proposed to him to become a test subject for the Weapon X Project, a superhuman enhancement project, in exchange of a cure for his cancer. Without anything to lose, Wilson accepted. The “cure” didn’t exactly erased Wilson’s cancer, but it stopped its growth thanks to the artificial implantation of the healing factor of the original Weapon X, the mutant Wolverine. Wilson joined a Weapon X team composed of himself, the invulnerable Sluggo, the cyborgs Kane and Slayback and his ex girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle, whose mutant powers had awakened. During a mission, Wilson killed the deranged Slayback, and this costed him the expulsion from Weapon X: as all “failed” superhuman deadpoolcomics2agents from Weapon X, Wilson was sent to The Hospice, a secret facility in which he was supposed to be “fixed”, but in which he became the test subject of the cruel Doctor Emrys Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax. Killewbrew and Ajax tortured Wilson physically and mentally, leaving on his body gruesome scars that his body would have never been able to heal from (probably because of some psychosomatic block deriving from the trauma). Wilson also went mad due to Killebrew’s “treatment”, and in his delirium he befriended the cosmic entity Death: he even tried to commit suicide to join Death, but his healing factor constantly brought him back. When Ajax, wanting to hurt him, lobotomized Wilson’s only friend in the Hospice, Worm, Wade killed him out of mercy; if a patient killed another, however, he had to be executed, and Ajax ripped Wade’s heart from his chest, leaving him for dead. Wilson’s healing factor and strength of will were enough to allow him to heal even such a wound, and he left the Hospice, now adopting the name “Deadpool”, from the one of Killebrew’s betting round on which patient would have survived the most. Now completely mad, with more than one voice speaking in his head at once, Deadpool suited a brand new costume fitting his new identity and came back to his mercenary life, selling his skills to the best bidder. He worked under the Kingpin as an assassin for a while, but then came back to Canada to look for help for his new mental and physical condition. The help he was seeking seemed nowhere to be found, and Deadpool resolved to live with his new friends: the voices that constantly argued in what remained of his mind.

Wade Wilson is, simply put, completely mad: in his mind, at least three different personalities are constantly arguing over anything, and while one of those appears to be balanced and sound, the others are completely deranged. He’s extremely talkative, and never stops babbling nonsense even in the midst of battles, thus annoying enemies and allies alike (that’s the characteristic that gave him the nickname Merc with a Mouth), and tends to be pretty moody, going from cheerful happy to sadistic cold in a matter of seconds. As Deadpool, he’s an extremely proficient hand-to-hand and armed combatant, deploying an amazing mastery over several martial arts and with the use of both blades and firearms. Weapon X’s experiments gave him Wolverine’s healing factor, that allows him to heal from any wound, poison or disease, but that regenerates his cells just fast enough to replace the ones destroyed by his cancer, so he’s never fully healed (same goes for his skin scars); his mental condition makes him immune to possession and telepathy, and also grants him a curious cosmic awareness: he knows he lives in a comicbook (or a film, or a videogame etc.), and acts in consequence, often disorienting the people he’s speaking to (reader/viewer included). Thanks to Thanos‘ jealousy, Deadpool has also been cursed to immortality, thus he’s unable to be with Death before the Mad Titan himself. Despite all his skills, Deadpool is totally and utterly mad, one of the most unpredictable (and annoying!) beings in the universe.