Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl)

In the meanwhile we also have our tv series to take care of, so this week (and the next ones) will be pretty cramped. In this week’s episode of Supergirl a lot of things happened: in Wake Up, in fact, Mon-El comes back to Earth on some spaceship, but he acts weird. We learn he comes from the future, and that he also has a wife…Imra Ardeen, portrayed by Amy Jackson. Imra comes from the moon Titan, and her name is definitely not an unknown one, as she’s the leader of a popular team of superheroes from the future that also Mon-El is part of in the comics. Imra already appeared in Smallville, this time with her alias Saturn Girl, portrayed by Alexz Johnson: she comes back in time with her teammates Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad to help Clark in dealing with Brainiac, who’s successfully possessing Chloe Sullivan. Now, let’s take a look at the first female character ever to be portrayed as the leader of her team.

Imra Ardeen was born on Titan, a moon of Saturn, , in the XXX Century, and she was member of a race of powerful telepaths. Since she was little more than a kid it was apparent that her natural abilities surpassed by far the average ones of her people, and she felt the commitment to do something good with her powers. Growing up, she became more and more convinced to join the Science Police, the military branch of the United Planets. She was admitted to the academy as a teenager, and she left her homeplanet to start the job of her dreams…but destiny wanted something different for her, apparently. On the cargo bringing her to Earth, Imra heard with her telepathy the thoughts of someone who was planning to assassinate one of the passengers, billionaire R. J. Brande. Wanting to stop the murderer, Imra managed to obtain the help of two other young men on the cargo, Garth Ranzz, from Winath, and Rokk Krinn, from Braal: together, the trio managed to stop the assassination, thus earning Brande’s gratitude. The billionaire, in fact, was so impressed by the teenagers’ work that he recognized in them heroes able to take up the legacy of long lost legends like Superman, and prompted them to officially take the mantle of superheroes. Intrigued, the three of them accepted the offer, and naming themselves, respectively, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy, they founded the Legion of Superheroes, starting to operate anywhere in the galaxy, and looking for new recruits to join them in patrolling the system. Many young heroes from all corners of the universe joined them, including Brainiac 5, who opened to them the possibilities of time travel: now, they could recruit heroes also from other eras.

While still under the unofficial guidance of Cosmic Boy, the team traveled back to the XX Century, where they recruited a young Superman. They also saved him from the Legion of Super-Villains, and Imra even offered her own life in exchange of Superboy‘s one, even if she was eventually saved by Saturn Queen. Messing with time, however, also brought some unwanted knowledge: she learnt that a member of the still growing Legion was fated to die in 2975, the same year the team had organized elections to decide their leader. Imra used her telepathy to mind-control all the others and force them to elect her, so that, when the time came and Zarya the Conqueror attacked, she ordered everybody to stand down, prohibiting them to use their powers, and offering herself as a sacrifice. Garth, however, disobeyed her: in love with her since the first moment he saw her, he offered his own life in her place, and turned out to be the Legionnaire destined to die. Distraught by her friend’s death, Saturn Girl finally realized that she reciprocated his feelings, and she became obsessed with bringing him back. Saturn Girl eventually found a way to resurrect Lightning Lad, but this required a life for a life…and, once again, she was ready to sacrifice herself to bring Lightning Lad back. Just before she could make the ultimate sacrifice, however, Saturn Girl was knocked out by Proty, a shape-shifting member of the Legion companion to Chameleon Boy, who was deeply attached to her. Proty transformed into Imra, and died in her place. Lightning Lad came back, and he declared his love to Saturn Girl, who did the same: the two became a couple, but Imra still had to face her fellow Legionnaires, who now knew she had manipulated them in electing her. She was surprised, however, in seeing that they actually valued her leadership, and that they were grateful for her attempt to save them all: they confirmed her as the team’s leader, and they even re-elected her for a second term. Many challenges were awaiting the heroine, but first she had to plan her long-awaited marriage with Garth…

Imra Ardeen is a heroic and selfless girl, a committed heroine who feels the responsibility coming from her abilities, and who’s always ready to sacrifice herself for others (even too much…). As Saturn Girl, her natural abilities grant her telepathy, which she mastered to the point of being at the same level of Martian Manhunter: she can read and communicate thoughts, she can mind-control other people, she can communicate telepathically even from a dimension to another, and she can even project strong mind-blasts; the Legion’s technology allows her to fly and to travel through time, and she’s a skilled tactician and hand-to-hand combatant. One of the greatest heroes of her time, Saturn Girl leads one of the largest and most powerful teams in history, acting as moral guidance to young heroes who rightfully look to her for inspiration.


Zan & Jayna (Wonder Twins)

Two in one, as the next entry in Lucy W.‘s list is the dynamic duo known as the Wonder Twins. Originated in the Super Friends tv series, they were soon included in the comics, and they both made their live action debut in Smallville Season 9, portrayed by David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti. In the show, Zan and Jayna are not aliens as in the comics, but they’re a couple of metahumans with shapeshifting abilities who idolize The Blur. Unfortunately, while trying to help him in doing something good for Metropolis, they actually put him in trouble with authorities, but they eventually learn that being heroes is all about responsibilities rather than having fun stopping the bad guys. They also make some sort of cameo in The Flash, as the man and wife (weird…) rescued by Flash at the beginning of Crazy for You, portrayed by Matthew Yanagiya and Crystal Mudry. They didn’t have any sort of superpowers here…but maybe they just forgot to say “Powers activated!“. Let’s see together (multiple realities ahead).

In the first version of their origins, Zan and Jayna were twins born on planet Exxor. Unlike the absolute majority of Exxorians, they still carried an ancient gene that had granted shapeshifting abilities to their race in old times. Seen as mutants and outcasts by the other aliens, the twins were raised by their parents, but when mother and father died, they found themselves alone in the world: nobody wanted to take care of freaks like them. Well, amost nobody: only a freakshow wanted freaks, so Zan and Jayna joined a Space Circus and started travelling the galaxies as two of the main attractions, with Zan being able to transform in water (any form) and Jayna in any known animal. Luckily enough, the circus owner, known only as the Laugh-Maker, was a good man, and he treated the two orphans kindly; he even gave them a rare blue Exxorian monkey as a pet, an animal who became a trustworthy companion and who they named Gleek. The trio became quite famous at the circus, but eventually Zan and Jayna started to feel wary about their life as “artists”. When it became clear the Laugh-Maker didn’t want his most popular attraction to leave the show, Zan and Jayna exploited a moment of distraction to escape (with Gleek following them). Hiding on a transport ship, they succesfully reached another planet. While exploring their new world, however, they stumbled upon a dangerous man, a space conqueror named Grax. The four-armed alien was planning a vendetta against his nemesis, Superman, and quite in a big scale, as he wanted to destroy planet Earth using experimental super-bombs. Basically good kids, the twins decided they had to do something about it, and snuck on another ship to reach Earth. Once on the planet, they took contact with the Justice League of America while searching for Superman: they warned the heroes of Grax’s plan, allowing them to defend their planet in time. Grateful, the JLA offered them membership, and the Wonder Twins, as they were called, became the heroes’ sidekicks. They were even “adopted” by Professor Carter Nichols, from Gotham City, and pretended to be Swedish students Johan and Johanna Fleming to blend in. Finally, a brand new life could truly begin for them.

After Chrisis on Infinite Earths, the Wonder Twins’ story was rebooted as everything else. In New Earth, Zan and Jayna were always born on Exxor, but their world’s condition and fate was much different. All Exxorians were able to shapeshift, but their planet was conquered by a brutal warlord (possibly Monarch), who enslaved their people, twins included. Thanks to their incredible powers, however, the two siblings managed to escape their master, and they stole a ship. They crash-landed on Earth where, hungry and exhausted, started looking for food. They reached a gas station, where they tried to obtain nutrition from the locals…but they couldn’t understand their language, nor Earthlings could understand theirs, so a huge misunderstanding was just around the corner. People in the gas station reacted violently to the two strange individuals who wanted to steal food, and the twins, not getting what was happening, used their powers in self-defense. As news of a couple of super-powered beings attacking civilians spread, Captain Atom intervened with his newly formed team, Extreme Justice, created to pro-actively fight crime rather then waiting to defend (or avenge) innocent bystanders. The Wonder Twins proved to be more than a match for the super-powered beings coming at them, with both of them transforming in powerful creatures to counter their abilities (Zan became an ice giant, a living whirpool and a water monster, while Jayna transformed into a griffin,  a sea serpent and a werewolf). Eventually, Atom understood the aliens they were fighting were simply tired and hungry, and interrupted the fight, offering them food and shelter. Slowly, the twins learned English, and started communicating with Atom and the rest of the team. With their remarkable powers, they even helped them fight the Legion of Doom, managing to scrap a robotic copy of Gorilla Grodd. After the shared battle, the Wonder Twins decided to stick with Extreme Justice: maybe, after wandering so long among the stars, they had finally found a place they could call home.

Zan and Jayna are siblings who share the deepest of bonds, the kind of affection born only between people who can rely only on each other against the rest of the world (or the universe, in this case). As the Wonder Twins, they share a telepathic link that keeps them in constant contact even from great distances; after touching each other’s hand, they can activate their specific powers, with Zan being able to transform in any form of water (ice, water, vapor…) in any possible shape, even absorbing nearby water to increase his mass, while Jayna can turn into any kind of animal, natural, mystical and alien, modifying her size from ant to whale and obtaining the beasts’ specific abilities. Extremely powerful, the Wonder Twins are, luckily, good guys, siblings who suffered a lot, and who are more than determined to prevent other people to go through their same pain.

Cameron Mahkent (Icicle)

Temperatures keep dropping with Lucy W.‘s request, as we meet the second (actually fourth) Icicle. A young and angry Cameron Mahkent appeared in Smallville portrayed by Wesley Macinnes, an orphan with ice-manipulation powers who started a bloody crusade against the retired heroes from Justice Society of America. He challenges both the JSA and the newly formed JLA thanks to a major power-up coming from Dr. Fate‘s helmet, which he steals, but he’s eventually defeated…and apparently killed by a mysterious Amanda Waller (who, weirdly enough, welcomes him in the Suicide Squad moments before shooting him in the head, so that remains an unsolved mystery). In the comics, Icicle is indeed a villain, but he definitely gets softer the moment he forms a family of his own. Let’s see together.

Cameron Mahkent was the son of Joar Mahkent, the super-thief known as Icicle. Due to years of exposure to his own Cold Ray Gun, however, Joar had become radioactive, so much that his son’s DNA was modified while in his mother’s whomb; the child suffered a prenatal mutation, that made his skin white as chalk, and most of all granted him cryokinesis, making him able to manipulate temperature and to lower it at will. Unfortunately, this proved to be an unbearable stress for the mother’s body, and she died in childbirth. Cameron grew up with his father only, but even Joar died before time, killed by Krona while he was trying to steal in his lab. The boy eventually decided to use his metahuman ability to become the second Icicle and follow his father’s footsteps (he was far form being the second one, however: a relative, James Christie, had donned the costume before, as well as Doyle Christie, his sister, who had become the first heroic Icicle). The debuting “second” Icicle allied himself with one of his father’s historical partners in crime, The Wizard, and joined his newly formed Injustice Unlimited. Things were pretty easy for super-criminals at the time, since the US Government had outlawed all the costume-wearers: only heroes were affected by it, since villains were already outlaws, and while many super-teams disassembled, the villainous ones rose in wealth and power. Injustice Unlimited attacked the Trade Conference in Calgary, Canada, and on their path they only found Infinity, Inc. and a delegation of the defunct Global Guardians. The heroes were no match for the small army of villains, and not only they were defeated, they were also hypnotised and forced to cooperate. While Wizard and the others proceeded with blackmailing the rich attendants to the Conference, Icicle was sent to the Arctic Circle to find the last addition to the team, the zombie Solomon Grundy, frozen somewhere. Along with the mind-controlled Icemaiden and Jade, Icicle found Grundy and brought him back to Canada…just in time to see that Hourman had managed to free himself and to put Wizard’s plan in jeopardy. Using the commotion as a cover, Icicle escaped, while most of Injustice Unlimited got arrested.

Shortly after, Icicle met with the remaining members of Injustice Unlimited: ArtemisHazardHarlequin, Solomon Grundy and the Dummy. Wanting to reassemble the team, the villains planned to kill the members of Infinity, Inc. to exact revenge and make a name for themselves, and Icicle succesfully confronted Brainwave, Jr., leaving him for dead. Brainwave and the other Infinitors, thanks to Hazard’s cooperation, eventually defeated all the villains, who joined their teammates in prison. Icicle escaped soon after, but he was captured again by Stargirl, Starman and S.T.R.I.P.E., and sent to The Slab, a metahuman prison he couldn’t possibly escape from. Well, not on his own, but luckily he had friends outside. One of these was the powerful Johnny Sorrow, who wanted to form a new Injustice Society and wanted him in the team. Quite ironically, while being part of the new ISA, Icicle was forced to aid the Justice Society of America against Ultrahumanite, who had remade the world in his image: the only people retaining their free will in the world were the JSA heroes and some criminals, so they cooperated to bring the villain down. At the end of the battle, after the victory, Captain Marvel and Sand even offered Icicle a place within the JSA, but he refused, stating that he only helped them for a momentary convergence of interests, and that he would have never changed sides. Despite this, he found himself on the side of the law once again shortly after, when President Luthor outlawed both Batman and Superman and started a manhunt all across the country to have them arrested. Icicle joined a group of ice-based villains like Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold and Killer Frost and joined the hunt, but they were all defeated. Always the team player, he later joined Alexander Luthor‘s Secret Society of Supervillains, and even the Suicide Squad after an invitation from Mirror Master (actually Captain Boomerang in disguise). In the meanwhile, Cameron had started a relationship with one of his most recurring teammates: Artemis. The two of them had fallen in love, and Artemis eventually got pregnant with Icicle’s child…and this proved to be quite a problem, as Icicle’s mother ha died because of his unique physiology. He wanted their child, but he needed to find a way to ensure Artemis’ survival, no matter the cost…

Cameron Mahkent is, simply put, not a nice guy: he doesn’t care about family legacy, nor he has particularly high ambitions, he simply likes to be bad, and he definitely is. As Icicle, he’s naturally able to lower the temperature of several hundred degrees in any environment, as well as to freeze anything organic or inorganic by emitting powerful blasts of cold energy; he’s also highly resistant to extremely low temperatures, and he’s a skilled hand to hand combatant. A criminal just because he thinks it’s funny to be one, Icicle is much more dangerous and relentless than his predecessor, a villain with no particular goals, no vendetta and no trauma in his backstory: simply and purely, a man with a peculiar life choice…

Joar Mahkent (Icicle)

Lucy W. keeps us in the cold, as the next character in line is another ice-based superhuman: Icicle, the freezing villain. Icicle only appeared in Smallville Season 9, but he doesn’t have much of a role…not at all, actually. Portrayed by Gardiner Millar, the elder and vegetative Joar Mahkent is a former supervillain who reached the apex of his career when he killed Hawkgirl, but who was put into a coma by Hawkman in revenge. Years later, his son Cameron starts a revenge quest to kill the entire Justice Society of America, but he eventually pulls the plug on his father as well, killing him. In the comics, we know more of Joar’s life, and he has a different destiny as well. Let’s see together.

Born somewhere in England, Joar Mahkent was one of the most renowned physicists in Europe, a brilliant scientist who amused the entire world with his discoveries, mostly in thermodynamics. When he announced a new, extraordinary invention, every country in the world wanted to be the first one to see it…but Mahkent chose to present his discovery in Gotham City, in the United States. He left England with a ship, and prepared to cross the ocean…but what people didn’t know was that he actually wanted to change life radically, to obtain more money in a shorter time, and basically to turn to criminality. He had everything perfectly staged, and even Gotham wasn’t a casual choice. When the ship arrived to the docks, people cheered its arrival, but became shocked the moment the entire bay froze solid. In the meanwhile, Joar Mahkent killed another passenger, the notorious racketeer Lanky Leeds, and used his new invention, the Cold Ray Gun, to create an “ice mask” to put on his victim so that he looked like him. When the police, accompanied by the superhero Green Lantern, finally reached the ship, they found a corpse looking like Joar Mahkent, while the real deal walked away undisturbed. A short time after his arrival, Joar modified his Anti-Freeze Tunic to make it look like some sort of imp, and he created the masked identity of Icicle, using his gun to commit a series of impossible robberies (and to defeat more than once Green Lantern, who effortlessly tried to stop him). Just as he had planned, people believed Lanky Leeds was behind Icicle’s mask, and everyone was hunting for a dead man…while nobody was looking for the honored, deceased Dr. Mahkent. His life was definitely much simpler after he “died”.

After several defeats, however, Green Lantern considered capturing Icicle a personal mission, and he followed the freezing criminal all around the country (one of those fights was witnessed by young Bruce Wayne and Thomas Elliot, inspiring them two opposite careers…). Finally, in a fateful winter, the hero managed to corner and overpower his enemy, and he unmasked Leeds…only to realise he was actually Mahkent. Not wanting to be caught, Icicle jumped from a 20 stories building down in the freezing Gotham River, and Green Lantern left him for dead, as nobody could have survived the fall or the temperature of the water. The Tunic, however, protected Mahkent long enough for him to be saved by Johnny Sorrow, another notorious criminal mastermind. Eager to exact his revenge on Green Lantern, Icicle accepted Wizard‘s offer and joined his Injustice Society of the World, attacking the Justice Society of America his enemy was working with at the time. He collected a couple of victories, the most flamboyant of which was stealing the Washington Monument, but he was eventually imprisoned. Along with the Wizard and the Fiddler he escaped from prison, and it was the latter who discovered a way to travel between dimensions. Crossing the border between Earth-One and Earth-Two, the trio formed an alliance with criminals from the other reality, Doctor AlchemyChronos and Felix Faust: the six criminals formed the Crime Champions of Two Earths, challenging (and defeating) their respective nemesis. Icicle himself managed to trick Hourman, but he was eventually stopped by Dr. Fate. In the meanwhile, Flash from Earth-Two and Flash from Earth-One were captured, but freed from Eart-One Green Lantern and Earth-Two Green Lantern, so that all the heroes teamed up and defeated the villains. This, however, wasn’t surely the last time the multiverse heard of Icicle…

Joar Mahkent is a highly intelligent, but just as highly ambitious man, a greedy thief who always wants more of everything, in the shortest time possible. As Icicle, his Cold Ray Gun can freeze instantly the moisture in the air, creating ice apparently out of nowhere, as well as freeze living tissue doing the same with the moisture within bodies; his Anti-Freeze Tunic protects him from extremely low temperatures, including the ones generated by his own gun, and he’s also a skilled combatant. One of the most brilliant minds of his time, Icicle chose to use his intellect for his personal benefit rather than for the progression of mankind: quite a waste, maybe, but surely a remunerative one.

Glorious Godfrey

Next character from Lucy W.‘s request is Glorious Godfrey, one of the most dangerous and deceiving New Gods around. As most of his other peers, Godfrey only appeared in Smallville Season 10, but his origins were changed quite a bit: in the series, Michael Daingerfield portrays perfectly human radio jockey G. Gordon Godfrey, a man briefly possessed by Darkseid who uses his influence over people to spread a message of hatred towards all superheroes. Freed by Darkseid, Godfrey becomes one of his prophets of his own free will, and joins DeSaad and Granny Goodness in Darkseid’s Unholy Trinity…only to be killed by Green Arrow in the day that was supposed to be the one of his triumph. In the comics, Gordon Godfrey is only an alias Glorious Godfrey uses to pose as a human, rather than the other way round, and his influence is not limited to his charisma. Let’s see together.

Glorious Godfrey was born on Apokolips, a New God fiercely loyal to Darkseid and to his vision. He had a sister, Amazing Grace, and with her he shared quite an incredible power: the siblings’ rhetoric, in fact, was such that they could convince anyone to do anything they wanted, but while Grace focused on manipulating people, Godfrey honed the skill of persuasion, so that his targets were eventually convinced that they were the true authors of the thoughts they were basing their actions upon. Considering his skills and his devotion, Godfrey was made a member of Darkseid’s Elite, a restricted number of New Gods who formed the Apokoliptian tyrant’s inner cyrcle. Godfrey was also put in charge of creating the Justifiers, a special army composed of people he personally brainwashed until they were emptied of everything that made them individuals, transforming them into lethal drones fueled by the Anti-Life Equation; he was also in charge of the Justifiers, using them as his personal militia and justifying any single action he brought them to accomplish, even the most monstrous ones, through Anti-Life. Because of the nature of his powers, Glorious Godfrey was sent by Darkseid to worlds he meant to conquer to prepare his path, corrupting the conscience of the planet’s inhabitants and planting the seed of Anti-Life in their minds. When Darkseid set his eyes on Earth, he sent Glorious Godfrey there, where he started “recruiting” humans to add to the ranks of the Justifiers. Earth, however, was guarded by the Highfather, Darkseid’s father and leader of the New Gods from New Genesis, and he had sent there a team of heroic New Gods as protectors, the Forever People. Inevitably, Godfrey clashed with them, and he sent all his Justifiers against them…but the Infinity Man alone was able to vanquish his army. Only a divine intervention could save him from the Infinity Man…luckily enough, Godfrey served a god who listened to his prayers.

Darkseid personally intervened to stop the Infinity Man, capturing him and entrusting him to DeSaad’s attentions, while Godfrey was left to deal with the other Forever People: he nearly killed Serifan and Super-Cycle, but this time it was Highfather who intervened, ordering his children to retreat for the time being. After the battle with the Forever People, Glorious Godfrey stayed behind, continuing his work to prepare Earth for Darkseid’s arrival. Disguised as WHIZ-TV host G. Gordon Godfrey, the New God spent more than a decade to plant the seed of doubt against Earth’s greatest protectors, superheroes, everytime pointing out the damage they dealth to cities and private properties, accusing their lack of accountability, convincing people they were nothing more than vigilantes who operated outside the law. At first only a bunch of people followed Gordon Godfrey, then more, until they became a true army of followers: Godfrey became one of the most influent people in the United States of America, and his voice became the people’s voice. The pressure he put on the government was so strong that he forced the President‘s hand into outlawing superheroes, succesfully completing phase one of his plan. He then collected a number of volunteers for a march on Washington D.C., volunteers that he readily transformed into Warhounds, bonding human hosts with Apokoliptian cybernetic creatures. Robin, in the meanwhile, had discovered that children were immune to Godfrey’s “spell”, and he led a counter-march that intercepted Gordon’s one on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In here, the children spoke to their parents, trying to convince them that the world needed heroes, but as the young heroes present started destroying the Warhounds by separating them from their hosts Godfrey lost his temper and hit one of the kids, Lisa Sutton. All the popularity he had conquered vanished in a single moment, and the adults rebelled to him. Trying to regain his lost power, Godfrey attempted an extra boost wearing the Helmet of Fate, but Nabu‘s magic was too much for his mind to handle, and he fell to insanity, being later imprisoned in Bellereve. Godfrey was freed and brought back to Apokolips, where he would have healed, ready to come back to Earth to finish what he had started…

Glorious Godfrey is a cunning and deceiving New God, a dangerous manipulator blindly loyal to Darkseid, and deadly jealous of anyone who obtains his favours in his stead (DeSaad especially). Besides immortality and mild superhuman abilities coming from his nature of New God, Godfrey is gifted with the power of persuasion, being able to brainwash anyone who listens to him long enough, convincing anyone of anything and even making them believe they’re the origin of even the most deranged and brutal ideas. Despite not possessing the destructive power of Darkseid, Kalibak or other New Gods, Glorious Godfrey is definitely among the most dangerous ones, able to mind-control an entire planet by simply spreading fake news and hate speeches, proving that manipulating consciences is a weapon much more terrifying that annihilating cities…

Morgan Edge

The ComicCon provided us also with trailers for the upcoming tv-series, and DC dominated the scene with an ever-expanding tv universe. In Supergirl Season 3 trailer we got a first look at a new antagonist, Morgan Edge, portrayed by Adrian Pasdar, a media mogul from L-Corp who’ll become quite a rival to Lena Luthor. The character already had three live action appearances, albeit two of them were different versions of him: in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace the corrupted David Warfield portrayed by Sam Wanamaker, who takes over Daily Planet transforming it in a second-rate newspaper, is clearly based on Edge, while in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Bruce Campbell‘s Bill Church Jr. is an amalgamation of Edge (he even possesses a tv station with a nearly identical name to Edge’s, Multiworld Communications) and Bruno Mannheim. Edge directly appeared only in Smallville, portrayed by Rutger Hauer and Patrick Bergin, as a crime lord from Metropolis who has a past with Lionel Luthor, and acts as quite a foe for both Lex and Clark during whole Season 3. In the comics, Edge has a much more sinister partner than Lionel: let’s see together.

Morgan Edge was born in Metropolis, the son of the wealthy media mogul Vincent Edge. Vincent wasn’t exactly a nominee to the “father of the year award”, as he constantly abused his son, teaching discipline in the most violent and brutal way. Morgan found tenderness and comfort only in his mother, but even that safe harbor was eventually taken away from him: one day, while the entire family was walking down a street in Metropolis, Vicent got angry at his son as usual, and started disciplining him as he always did: slapping and shouting. Morgan’s mother, not standing her son being publicly humiliated and beaten for the umpteenth time, tried to intervene, with the only effect of Vincent turning on her in front of Morgan’s terrified eyes. During the fight, Vincent pushed his wife with too much strength, and the woman ended in the middle of the traffic, being run over and killed by a bus. When the police arrived, Vincent forced his son to testify that his mother had slipped, and the woman’s death was dismissed as a tragic accident. This marked a turning point in Morgan’s life, as his hatred for his father grew to unbearable levels, but he was so afraid of him that he could do nothing against him. Eventually, one night, he climbed on his house’s roof during a storm, and shouted his anger and hatred to the sky in a mute prayer…a prayer that was listened not by the god he was thinking about, but by a god nevertheless: Darkseid, the cruel tyrant of Apokolips. The New God promised the boy he would have made him strong, fearless, able to stand up to his father and to get his revenge on him, if he only consecrated his entire life to him. Full of hatred for his father, Morgan Edge “sold his soul” to Darkseid, and from that very moment his humanity was lost forever.

Darkseid kept his promise, and he was for Morgan the father figure he never had, molding him into a ruthless man, who could channel his anger and hatred into a sharp intellect. As an adult, the first thing that Morgan did was to exclude his father from the media company he himself had founded, Galaxy Communications, forcing him to an early retirement and making even his public name disappear: for a man like Vincent, who had based all his power on media exposure, anonymity was worse than death. As the new CEO of Galaxy Communications, Edge became one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Metropolis, but he of course had to do the bidding of his master, Darkseid: using his connections, he created a criminal empire in the underworld of Metropolis, and he even provided street criminals with futuristic weapons from Apokolips. The result was the origin of Intergang, one of the most dangerous and vicious criminal groups Metropolis had ever seen, hellbent on creating chaos in the city without an apparent purpose. Edge always maneuvred Intergang from behind the curtains, sure that nobody would have ever connected the gang to him. Eventually, however, Edge discovered he had been deceived from the very beginning: the one he believed to be Darkseid was actually DeSaad, another New God, who had pretended to be his master to create random havoc on Earth, using Edge as a puppet and making him promises he would have never been able to keep. If this wasn’t enough, two journalists from the Daily Planet were on Edge’s trails: Clark Kent and Cat Grant, who were following unexpected leads to connect Galaxy Communications to Intergang (the latter as an insider). Edge was exposed and imprisoned, and even Vincent came back to resume control over GC: Morgan, however, was a master of the power of the media, and a prison wasn’t able to keep him from using what he had learnt to destroy his enemies, even from afar…

Morgan Edge is an unscrupolous and ruthless man, a highly intelligent businessman created by his father’s abuses and DeSaad’s lies. A media mogul who knows how to twist facts in order to manipulate the public opinion, Edge is one of the most dangerous men alive as long as he has access to a computer or a camera, using his intellect and his charisma to shape the world into a distorted version of it, also managing to appear a hero at the eyes of people as he does it…usually making the true heroes appear as criminals, of course.

Inza Cramer (Doctor Fate)

Back from a brief pause, let’s take a look from a character requested by casualgamer (this time it’s only one, so we’ll see her before all the other coming from Lucy W.‘s list): Inza Nelson, the wife of Dr. Fate. Inza only had one live action appearance in Smallville, and we only see her during a flashback as she watches helpessly as her husband Kent is taken away by some healthcare assistants and forcibly istitutionalized. We don’t know how, but she died in the following years, a pain that broke Kent’s mind even more. In the comics, Inza is not only the love interest of Doctor Fate, but she becomes Doctor Fate herself after (and along with) her husband. Let’s take a look.

Inza Cramer was born in New York City in the 1920s, but nothing of her early life is known. She was admitted to college, and she started studying archaeology, specialising in ancient Egyptian civilization. In order to deepen her studies she travelled to Alexandria, in Egypt, where she met a brilliant archaeologist, Kent Nelson. The two became fast friends, albeit meeting Kent wouldn’t have been the thing Inza remembered the most about the travel: a powerful sorcerer named Wotan attacker her using one of his mortal agents, Thomas Frawley, and Inza survived the experience only thanks to another sorcerer, this time a good one, who called himself Doctor Fate. Grateful to the mysterious masked hero, Inza offered him her help and knowledge, becoming his partner in fighting ancient evils and occult threats. In the meanwhile, she had come back to New York, where her friendship with Kent Nelson was growing. It was after battling an ancient and malicious god, the Mayan Mayoor, who tried to use Inza as a vessel to come back to the physical world, that finally Doctor Fate revealed his true identity to Inza…and she found out the magician had been Kent all the time. This revelation made the bond between the two even stronger, and the two eventually realised they had fallen in love. As Kent decided to leave archaeology and to become a medical doctor, Inza followed him and become a nurse, and the two spent a lot of time together…but from the moment they got engaged, Fate stopped having Inza as his partner in battles, as he now fought evil with the other superheroes from the Justice Society of America. When the two got married and moved to the Tower of Fate, things got even worse: everytime Fate left the Tower to battle villains, Inza was left behind, waiting for his return. Eventually she got tired of this, missing the old days when she and Kent were fighting side by side, and she followed Fate as he left to face the undead priest Khalis. As soon as she was out of the Tower of Fate, however, the enemies of her husband, the Lords of Chaos, spotted her and targeted her…

The Lords of Chaos kidnapped Inza, and used her to blackmail Doctor Fate, even torturing her. Kent eventually saved her, but she emerged in a pretty bad shape: physically wounded, mentally traumatized, she started suffering from paranoid depression, and she never left the Tower of Fate ever again. Kent put all his energies into healing his wife, but doing so the spell that kept him and Inza eternally young lost power and faded, so the two spouses rapidly aged to match their original age, and died. Both Inza’s and Kent’s souls, however, didn’t depart to the afterlife, but they were stored in the Amulet of Anubis, one of Fate’s mystical weapons. While inside the Amule, Inza’s mind could finally rest and heal, and when the Lords of Order resurrected her and Kent to replace the deceased Eric and Linda Strauss, they were both given new, young bodies; Nabu, the Lord of Order inhabiting the Helm of Nabu, told them that he originally inteded them both to have Doctor Fate’s power, as they were supposed to merge and to share the power, but that Kent had misunderstood everything and had kept the power to himself. Inza was quite upset for this, but she soon changed her mind when she realised Kent was now unable to become Fate, while she could: she possessed now all the powers that once belonged to her husband, and she was the new Doctor Fate, even if she didn’t merge with Kent as she was supposed to. Intoxicated by her new power, Inza become a far more reckless and less cogitative version of Fate, and she started experimenting with magic taking in little consideration her husband’s suggestions. As her character became impossible, she and Kent separated and parted ways, as she wanted to be her own Doctor Fate. This change of attitude, however, wasn’t exactly natural: the Helm of Nabu had been possessed by Tgiian, a Lord of Chaos, who was influencing her actions and making her tap into the energies of Chaos rather than the Order’s ones to use her magic…thus making her an Agent of Chaos. Unable to face Tgiian on her own, Inza was assisted by Kent, who had come back for her: together, they exorcised the Lord of Chaos, and took possession of the Helm again. Finally, they could use the power of Doctor Fate together, as a couple, as they had always been meant to do.

Inza Nelson is a woman who’s always been ahead of her time, and albeit she lived at the beginning of the XX Century, she never was the submitted and silent kind of wife, always being a woman of action, treating her husband as an equal. As Doctor Fate, she possesses an immense mystic power, being able to cast an infinite variety of spells allowing her to fly, to generate and manipulate different kinds of energy, to phase through solid objects, to read minds and hypnotize people, to cast illusions, to create energy shields, to teleport through space and time, to manipulate reality itself and many other things. Drawing her powers from Order, Chaos or even from the collective power of humanity, Inza is quite a reckless Doctor Fate, an enthusiastic protector lacking of experience or self-control who needs her husband’s caution and wisdom to form a balance and create the perfect Agent of Order.