Edgar Heed (Egghead)

Today with Maz we meet one of the most notorious (and craziest) villains from the Batman tv series: Egghead, portrayed by the immortal Vincent Price. In the show, he’s a crazy criminal with a trademark obsession with eggs, who first appeared trying to conquer Gotham City. His egg-related puns are terrible and world-wide famous, and he’s also one of the very few people who discovered Batman‘s secret identity by using only logical deduction. In the comics, the greatest challenge has always been the one of fitting him the much darker world of comics Gotham, and the fact that it’s hard to take this guy seriously doesn’t help: so far, he’s had minor appearances at best. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Edgar Heed, apart from the fact that he lived in Gotham City, and that he was completely crazy. For some unknown reason, this brilliant and meek-looking man became obsessed with eggs, that he saw as the embodiment of perfection. Probably an engineer to begin with, Heed started wearing only white and yellow suits, and even modified his way of speaking, adding some awful egg-puns like “eggstraordinary” or “eggcellent”. Of course, he even found a new, perfect name that reflected both his newfound love for eggs and his undisputed genius: Egghead. Gotham wasn’t exactly the sanest city in the world, so he was in good company in his free fall to madness. While moving his first steps in the world of costumed villains, he met another criminal genius, the Riddler, and the two recognized each other’s talent and decided to join forces. They formed quite a formidable duo, and together moved their first steps in a much wider world… but so was doing, in those days, Gotham’s new self-appointed protector, the vigilante Batman, who intervened to meddle with the two villains’ big projects. The couple was faced and defeated by the Dark Knight, and Egghead was arrested. Facing trial, it was obvious for everyone that he was completely insane, and he was locked up in Arkham Asylum, and forgotten there for years. Then, something unexpected happened: also the director of the sanatorium, Jeremiah Arkham, went completely crazy.

Arkham had destroyed the old asylum and rebuilt a new one from foundation, and moved all his patients into the new facility, Egghead included. In the process, however, he had come a little bit too close to one of his most dangerous inmates, Victor Zsasz, who had found his way to his mind and had begun to influence his decisions, even obtaining to get out of the asylum by night to commit his murders and come back at dawn as if nothing had happened. When Batman, suspecting something, infiltrated Arkham Asylum to prove that Zsasz was actually free to move, Jeremiah locked him inside along with all the inmates. As suggested by Zsasz, Arkham allowed all the patients who held a grudge against Batman to take a shot at getting their revenge against him, all for “academic purpose”, of course. Egghead was among the ones who joined the crowd witnessing Batman’s gladiatorial fight against the retarded brute Amygdala, and obviously rooted for the latter. When Amygdala was defeated, Arkham freed Egghead and all the others, prompting them to beat Batman with their own hands. Not exactly an organized assault team, Egghead and the other lunatics were all effortlessly beaten to unconsciousness, without even realizing that they were just part of a ruse by Zsasz to obtain a good shot at Batman. After that second, burning defeat, he was brought back to his cell, where he stayed for the rest of his days. As New Earth was (apparently) erased and reformed in Prime Earth, also Egghead came back, first running into Harley Quinn during a bank robbery, then being hired by Two-Face to kill Batman, a task he failed as usual. Egghead, however, had still some highly “eggficient” aces up his sleeve…

Edgar Heed is a highly intelligent man… unfortunately he’s completely crazy, and all his brilliant mind is twisted in a curious obsession with eggs, that brings him to commit a series of crimes (usually robberies) always dealing with eggs. As Egghead, his genius makes him a dangerous planner and tactician, and he also invented some unusual weapons, obviously egg-themed, like egg-grenades and tear gas eggs. An “eggstremely” unusual villain even for the likes of Gotham City, Egghead is a unique psychopath who believes to be the greatest criminal mind ever existed, and who wants to rebuild the world “eggsactly” in his own image.