Morgaine le Fay

Next in line in Lucy W.‘s request is another classic character, in every possible meaning, as she debuted in the comics in 1948, and her live action debut (and sole appearance so far) is in 1978: Morgaine Le Fay, the legendary sorceress from the Arthurian myth. In the Wonder Woman tv series, Brenda Benet portrays her with the name Morgana La Fay, revised as a stage magician working with two other “colleagues”, Cagliostro and Jazreel the Great, to take revenge on Wonder Woman for the damage she had brought to their families for centuries (odd, since Diana first visited Men’s World in 1942). In the comics, Morgaine is much more menacing and lethal, and her threat truly spans over centuries, involving many other heroes rather than just Wonder Woman. Let’s see together.

Morgaine (or Morgana) le Fay, real name unknown, was born from an ancient civilization, the Homo Magi who were direct descendants of the first inhabitants of Atlantis before it sank. She was the daughter of Atheron and Staegys. Naturally gifted in magic, Morgaine was the one who trained both her sisters, the elder Vivienne Inwudu (future Lady of the Lake) and the younger Nimue Inwudu (future Madame Xanadu) in the use of it. While her sisters were kind spirits who looked at the newly evolved branch of humans, the Homo Sapiens, who had no access to magic at all, with sympathy and curiosity, Morgaine looked at them with contempt, as they were the responsible of the extinction of the Homo Magi, who she deemed superior in every way. Since her immortal youth, Morgaine mainly interacted with normal humans using them as playthings at best, or as pawns in her much larger schemes. She even seduced men of power, such as Julius Caesar, just for fun. Nobody could resist her magic charm… and when they did, she didn’t take it lightly. The most famous of these episodes obviously dated back to the Arthurian times, when she tried to seduce Uther Pendragon, the High King of England, and was rejected. Wanting to ruin Uther’s life, as well of the one of his wife Igraine, Morgaine used a powerful spell to make everyone believe she was one of Igraine’s daughters: she taught magic to her “sisters”, Morgause and Elaine, turning them into powerful threats for their father, and later dedicated her life to destroy King Arthur, Uther’s heir (and even conceiving a son with him, Mordred). The Elder Folk exiled Morgaine for her constant meddling with humans’ world, but this didn’t stop her. There was, however, another Homo Magi who constantly opposed her during her life at Camelot: Merlin, who, among other things, fused Etrigan the Demon with Jason Blood to fight her.

Morgaine’s battle with The Demon eventually led to the destruction of Camelot itself, so the witch was left wandering the earth, looking for another kingdom to conquest. She maintained her beauty and youth for centuries, until Merlin, in a last trick against his centennial rival, took them away from her. Still immortal but ugly and old, Morgaine became obsessed with regaining her appearance, and she tried more than once to involve the immortal Jason Blood into helping her obtain Merlin’s Eternity Book, either by deceiving him or by promising him the spell to finally make him mortal again, as immortality was a burden for him. Morgaine and Blood crossed paths for centuries, and the two crossed their destinies with other exceptional beings as a result. When the Huntress used the Justice League‘s transporters, she unwillingly unleashed Morgaine over Gotham City, allowing her to take possession of the Philosopher’s Stone, and to put in motion another one of her plans. She visited Gotham’s hospital, the maternity ward, and turned many of the unborn babies into demons at her service. Among the women in labor, however, there was also Francine Langstrom: as Morgaine threatened her, her husband, Man-Bat, appeared to defend her, and soon he was joined in the effort by Etrigan the Demon. She retreated, but she came back to Gotham many other times, always clashing with The Demon, usually targeting Jason Blood’s girlfriend, Glenda Mark. Her first major success came when she devised an extremely powerful spell that allowed her, Enigma (an alternate Riddler from the Anti-Matter Universe) and the alien Despero to take the symbolic places of, respectively, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. Morgaine rewrote history, creating a new timeline in which she and her allies ruled supreme over Earth… unfortunately, “Despero” was actually the alien tyrant Kanjar Ro in disguise, and this eventually disrupted the spell, bringing everything to its normal state again. This, however, wasn’t certainly meant to be Morgaine’s last attempt to earn a kingdom worthy of her might…

Morgaine le Fay is an ancient and malicious being, a vain and egomaniac woman who spends her immortal existence in seeking godhood, pretending the “inferior” Homo Sapiens to worship her. As one of the Elder Folk, she possesses natural magic abilities, that grant her an infinite variety of powers, increasing the more spells she learns and the more artifacts and devices she collects: from destructive bolts of magic to matter manipulation, from flight to dimensional travel, from reality transformation to shape-shifting, from controlling the elements to telepathy, there’s little she cannot do; with her body constantly decay, she is forced to wear a magical golden armor to keep it together, but she can transfer her own decay on people or objects with a mere touch. One of the most powerful and dangerous Homo Magi in existence, Morgaine has been conspiring for ages to become the godly queen she has always believed to be, a campaign that will end only when the entire universe will bend its knee in front of her.


Fausta Grables

Time now for the last character appearing in Wonder Woman (unless someone makes me notice another one I missed), this time a regular human being. When Diana tries to infiltrate Erich Ludendorff‘s party, she steals the dress of a German woman who has a regular invitation: she’s Fausta Grables, portrayed by Rachel Pickup. Grables became famous thanks to Lynda Day George‘s portrayal in the Wonder Woman tv series, where she successfully captures Wonder Woman and brings her to Germany for studies. In her homecountry, Wonder Woman realizes she’s underestimated and mistreated by her male superiors, so the heroine obtain her alliance by appealing to their common gender. In the comics, Fausta is a loyal Nazi spy, a mistress of disguise and a worthy adversary of Wonder Woman from Earth-Two: let’s see together.

Fausta Grables was born in Switzerland from an unknown family. Pretty much nothing is known about her early life, apart from the fact that, when Adolf Hitler took power in Germany, she welcomed with enthusiasm his idea of an Anschluss, the Nazi project of reuniting all the German-speaking people under the flag of the newborn Third ReichAustria was soon annexed to Germany, but Switzerland always remained out of the Reich’s reach. This wasn’t such a problem for Fausta, who moved to Germany and offered her services to the Nazis. Fausta was quite underestimated by the Nazi officers for being a woman, but she managed to convince them that what to them seemed to be a handicap was actually her greatest strength: nobody considered a woman a menace, men barely noticed her, so she could be the perfect spy for the Reich. This was enough to convince the officers, and Grables trained hard to become a human chameleon, able to disguise herself as whoever she wanted. Hitler in person was informed of Fausta’s amazing transforming skills, and he decided to assign her with an extremely delicate mission, which he saw pivotal in winning World War II: he sent her to the United States of America, where she would have learnt as much as she could on Wonder Woman, the American heroine who was putting his army to shame, and capture her. Fausta considered this mission a honor, and she accepted it without the slightest hesitation. She arrived behind enemy lines thanks to the many Nazi spies already in the States, and she stole the identity of Rora Blank, a news reporter working for The Daily Tab. In her new guise, it took little to her to isolate the two people from the US Army who had had more contacts with Wonder Woman since the beginning of the war: Lt. Col. Steve Trevor and his secretary, Diana Prince. Without further ado, she obtained an appointment with them, pretending to be writing an article about Wonder Woman.

Making herself completely identical to the real Rora Blank, Fausta presented herself to Trevor and Prince, and started making questions about their relationship with Wonder Woman; Diana was plainly suspicious, and didn’t say anything, but before she could warn Trevor of her doubts he had already told “Rora” about the Mental Radio he used to contact Wonder Woman. As soon as she realized Diana was calling The Daily Tab to confirm Rora Blank’s story, Fausta thanked Trevor and went away, ready to organize a trap. Knowing that Trevor could summon the heroine with a simple thought, Grables trapped the officer in a locked room, quickly filling it with gas; as she had foreseen, Wonder Woman came to the rescue, and as soon as she was in the house Fausta activated steel doors to trap her as well, waiting for the gas to work. Unfortunately, the spy had tragically underestimated her opponent’s strength, and Wonder Woman destroyed the steel door, freeing both herself and Trevor. After that failure, Fausta was summoned by the Council of Axis Chiefs, and her failure wasn’t met happily by her bosses: pleading for a second chance, Fausta obtained it, and she immediately put herself to work to set another trap for the heroine. Intercepting Steve Trevor’s phone, Fausta learnt that Wonder Woman used to spend the night at Diana Prince’s place, and she spied on the woman until she was out of her house; then, she sneaked in and she searched the place, eventually finding what she was looking for: Wonder Woman’s costume and weapons. She stole them, then she presented herself to an Army benefit show under the guise of the strongwoman Masked Marvel, wearing Wonder Woman’s garment under another costume. When she spotted Trevor and Prince in the crowd, she staged a series of fake strength displays with magnetic devices, then she pretended to be attacked by a tamed bear, Bruin, who slashed through her costume… revealing Wonder Woman’s dress underneath it. Now, Fausta had just to wait for her two victims to warn their friend Wonder Woman of what was happening, then she would have used the unbreakable Lasso of Truth to kidnap the heroine: there was no flaw in her plan, this time…

Fausta Grables is a clever and unscrupulous woman, totally devoted to the values of the Third Reich. As a Nazi spy, she’s a master of disguise, able to steal the identity of anyone, imitating the looks and voice of any woman; she’s also a great tactician, whose intricate plans can put in difficulty also a superhuman foe like Wonder Woman. With a marvelous brain loyal to the wrong cause, Fausta Grables is a remarkable threat to the US, a woman who’s eager to prove to her enemies and superiors alike that she can outsmart anyone, men included.


Thanks to Pere J BP for the heads-up! Niobe wasn’t the last Amazon appearing in Wonder Woman, as there’s still Senator Timandra, portrayed by Danielle Lewis. She’s hard to spot in the movie, as she only appears during Steve Trevor‘s trial, and in the sequence immediately after, as Queen Hippolyta is arguing with her daughter Diana about the outcome of said trial. In the comics she’s quite a secondary character as well, and she’s not a senator, albeit she has quite a pivotal role in Themyscira nevertheless. Let’s see together who this truly last Amazon is originally.

As all the Amazons, Timandra was created by five goddesses of Olympus who tried a desperate move to prevent mankind from destroying itself with war and violence. Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hestia and Artemis shaped clay bodies and blessed them with their gifts, then Zeus gave them life and the Amazons emerged from the Mediterranean Sea: from their sacred city of Themyscira, in Turkey, the Amazons pacified the entire Mediterranean area, always being there to defend the weak and the helpless, putting a stop to the neverending conflicts that were plaguing the Earth. This came to an abrupt end as Herakles and his men invaded Themyscira with deceit, imprisoned, enslaved and raped all the Amazons, making them know rage and humiliation. Freed by Athena, the Amazons slaughtered the soldiers unfortunate enough to have stayed behind, and then came back to their senses… most of them. Queen Hippolyta asked her sisters to listen to Athena, to give up on vengeance and to ask forgiveness from the gods of Olympus for the carnage they had been responsible of, while Queen Antiope spurred them to follow Herakles and to demand their vengeance. As many others, Timandra chose to remain faithful to the goddesses and thus to Hippolyta, and she appeared in front of the gods to receive their punishment. Zeus condemned the Amazons to live on a remote island, forced for eternity to guard Doom’s Doorway, a portal to the Hades, to prevent demons and ghosts to escape. The Amazons obeyed, and moved to the island that would have become the new Themyscira… a Themyscira that needed to be built from scratches, as the entire island was a wilderness.

Among the gifts the Amazons had received, Timandra excelled in the ones from Athena and Aphrodite, so she was able to find beauty in everything, and to create it through the harmony of shapes and structures. Named Chief Architect by Hippolyta, Timandra worked alongside another very gifted Amazon, Consivia, to build a new city that could match in beauty and magnificence the old one. While Consivia planned the entire city, giving shape and soul to the city, Timandra imagined the individual buildings, making each one of them a masterpiece of classic beauty, taking elements from all the cultures the Amazons had met and loved during their stay in Men’s World (mainly from the Greek ones, obviously, as it was Greek gods they served). The works on the city proceeded thanks to the efforts of Captain Egeria, leader of the military, who used her army to provide raw material such as marble and wood to the architects and their workers… unfortunately, doing so she neglected her main task of guarding Doom’s Doorway, and a demon escaped, with many others ready to follow him. A battle ensued to repel the demons, a bloody one that was won only thanks to Egeria’s sacrifice; also other Amazons perished in the fight, including Consivia. Left alone, Timandra continued her task, dedicating the new buildings to her fallen sisters, and honoring them with the construction of the Temple of Hades, a place in which the statues of the fallen Amazons (Egeria’s one for first) were revered as shrines, and their spirits could live on through the memory of the living ones. Finally, after decades of work, the new Themyscira was completed, a city so beautiful and perfect that the place it was built upon deserved the name of Paradise Island: with her life’s work completed, Timandra could now contemplate the city she had dreamed of come to life with the Amazons living in it.

Timandra is an incredibly smart and sensitive woman, devoted to beauty and harmony, a true artist and an expert mathematician. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, senses, reflexes and intellect, but it’s the latter she uses the most, despite being a skilled warrior as well; she’s also immortal, as long as she stays on Themyscira. Timandra’s gentle soul is imprinted in every single building on Paradise Island, with the city she built being the testimony of her art and heart.


Finally, we arrived at the last Amazon appearing in Wonder Woman (not the last character, though): Niobe, portrayed by Jacqui-Lee Pryce. In the movie, she’s mainly seen during the trial against Steve Trevor, and she stays in the background as the human soldier is questioned with the Lasso of Truth. She’s just a background character in the film, and in this she’s just the same as in the comics, as she appears only in a couple of issues, and without a particular role in any of them. Nevertheless, there’s something to say about her as well: let’s see together.

Niobe was an amazon, thus not properly born, but rather created from clay by five goddesses of Olympus who entrusted her with a mission: Athena, AphroditeHestiaArtemis and Demeter imbued the artificial bodies with the souls of women killed by men, and let Zeus give life to them. The Amazons’ purpose on Earth was to bring peace, comprehension and compassion to men, who were exterminating each other with war and violence. Niobe and the others founded their own city, Themyscira, in Turkey, and from there they started a number of expeditions all around the world, especially in Greece and in Rome, where they became the stuff of legends. A day came when the Amazons abandoned their mission, though: the hero of men Herakles attacked Themyscira, and with a trick he and his men captured all the Amazons, raping them and later chaining them to be sold as slaves. When Athena freed her “daughters”, the Amazons slained their captors, then two groups formed: one, led by Queen Antiope, wanted to exact revenge on Herakles and to look for him around the world to punish him, while the other, led by Queen Hippolyta, chose to be faithful to Athena’s mission and not to taint their hands with blood anymore. Niobe was among the second ones, and she followed Hippolyta: the “loyalists” were faced by the gods, who punished them for the carnage they were responsible of by giving them another mission, to guard the Doom’s Doorway on a remote island that would have become the new Themyscira. Niobe, a gentle soul, decided to give up on her violent ways while on the island, and she became a priestess, taking upon herself the duty of informing the Amazons of the will of the gods.

As a priestess, Niobe lent her help to all the other Amazons who filled the same position, and she served in several temples. She didn’t have any particular role in raising Diana, Hippolyta’s daughter, but she worked with the oracles to look into her future and to advise the queen about it. When Diana, as Wonder Woman, traveled to Men’s World, a new era was predicted for Themyscira: Diana, in fact, rebuilt the bridge of peace between Themyscira and the outside world, a process that knew its fulfillment when the princess came back to the island accompanied by a delegation of twelve personalities from Men’s World. When the delegates were coming to the island, Niobe was serving in the Temple of Healing, taking care of Penelope, who had fallen ill after contracting a mysterious fever that was clearly of magic origin. Niobe helped Epione take care of her, but no improvement seemed to be possible… until the humans arrived on the island, led by Wonder Woman: only in that moment, Penelope awakened, apparently in her full strength, with no memory of her own illness. As the patient tried to walk away of the temple without even letting the healers take a look at her, Niobe tried to stop her… but then something intervened, something dark and powerful, that confused her mind and erased whatever she wanted to say. Not even remembering who she wanted to stop and why, Niobe let Penelope go: she had fallen victim to Ares‘ spell, who was using Penelope as his own puppet to ruin Themyscira’s reborn relation with the outside world. In a certain way, Niobe had been the interpreter of the gods’ will as she wanted to, only it was the wrong god she was doing the bidding of, and she wasn’t even aware of it…

Niobe is a good-hearted woman, gentle and committed to the Amazons’ original mission of bringing peace and understanding in the world. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes and enhanced senses; a skilled warrior, she prefers nevertheless to put in use her intellect and her sensitivity, and she acts as a healer, a priestess and an aid to the oracle, wanting to be at her people’s service with something else than swords. Of all the Amazons’ gifts, Niobe is surely the best embodiment of compassion.


Almost at the end of the Amazons from Wonder Woman… and it was about time, we’ve seen plenty of them! This time it’s the turn of Aella, portrayed by Hayley Warnes. As many others, she’s seen during the battle between the Amazons and the German Army on Themyscira‘s coast, where she gives demonstration of her archery skills. She’s spotted again later, but just as a face in the crowd… more or less what she is in the comics, as she is quite a secondary character originally. Let’s see together who this Amazon, taken directly from the Greek mythology, is in the DC Universe.

Aella was born along with all her Amazon sisters, emerging from the Mediterranean Sea as five goddesses from Olympus imbued bodies of clay with the souls of women who had been murdered by men throughout history, in a last, desperate attempt to introduce agents of love and compassion in a war-ridden world. Aella was one of the most powerful warriors at disposal of Queen Hippolyta and Queen Antiope, and she followed them everywhere in the Mediterranean area, quelling conflicts in Greece and Italy, always moving from Themyscira, the Amazons’ city in Turkey. Aella was proud of her people and her mission, and both her sword and her compassionate heart spoke of her commitment… but then the Amazons faced their gravest defeat. Inspired by his half-brother Ares, the adventurer Herakles attacked with King Theseus and his men the city of Themyscira, he tricked Hippolyta and Antiope and imprisoned all the Amazons, raping and enslaving them. Something broke within Aella’s soul, and she lost all her compassion and her love for mankind. When Athena freed the Amazons, Aella led an attack against the slavers still in the city, slaughtering them. Then, Athena offered the Amazons a choice: either they pursued the path of vengeance, renouncing to Olympus’ blessing and protection, or they gave up on their revenge, accepted the gods’ punishment for the carnage and remained the gods’ champions. Antiope and a good number of Amazons chose the first option and left, but Aella, albeit enraged and full of hatred towards men, remained faithful to Athena and Hippolyta, and moved along with her loyalist sisters to the new Themyscira, a remote island hidden by men and their world. Here, the Amazons started a new life, and renounced to their original peace-keeping mission.

Aella became an officer in General Philippus‘ army, and also a skilled hunter, master of falconry. Despite many centuries, passed on the island, Aella’s grudge against men and their world never diminished, and she continued hating everything that reminded her of the violence and the humiliation she had suffered. When, centuries later, Princess Diana abandoned Themyscira to travel in Men’s World, Aella was among the strongest opponents of this decision, sure that nothing good could come from an opening to the ones she still saw as enemies. Diana’s mission in the outside world strongly resembled the one the Amazons had in ancient times, but this wasn’t enough to convince Aella, who tried her best to boycott her princess. Things couldn’t apparently be worse for Aella, with all the diplomatic relationships Themyscira now had with Men’s World, but they did when Diana found Antiope’s lost Amazons, now residing in the hidden city of Bana-Mighdall. If there was someone Aella disliked as much as men, they were her lost sisters: she had resisted her wrath and her thirst of vengeance remaining faithful to her goddess and her queen, while they had not, so they could not be trusted. Facts gave reason to Aella when the Bana-Mighdallians attacked Themyscira, but Circe, who was the one behind the attack, transported the island in a demonic dimension: when the Amazons came out of it thanks to Wonder Woman, they were now allied, having fought for years side by side. Aella didn’t like the situation at all, and it became worse when Hippolyta allowed the lost tribe to reside on Themyscira with them. She believed to be alone in her distrust, but an old sorcerer, Magala, reached for her and approved her feelings. Magala did more: she invited Aella to gather all the Amazons unhappy with the unification, and to lead them to a war that would have prevented the inevitable treason on the others’ side. Unfortunately, the one who was speaking through Magala was Ariadne, an agent of Circe, and Aella was walking right into a trap…

Aella is a proud and belligerent woman, an Amazon who devoted all her life and strength to her mission, and who’s now consumed by hatred and grudge. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, senses and stamina, and she’s immortal; she’s a superb combatant, a mistress of sword and battleaxe, an archer and a falconer. Hating every man on the planet for their violent nature and even the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall for their past treason, Aella has been corrupted and tainted by all the pain she suffered… and the worst part of it is that she doesn’t even realize it.


Amazons never end, and Wonder Woman seems to have gathered quite a number of them. Next in line is Philippus, portrayed by Ann Ogbomo, one of the best warriors on Themyscira. As most of her sisters, Philippus is seen mainly during the battle that takes place on Themyscira’s shore between the Amazons and the German Army, but she can be spotted also during Diana‘s final training and during Steve Trevor‘s trial. In the film she doesn’t distinguish herself from the others much, but she’s actually one of the most relevant characters in the Wonder Woman mythos. Let’s see together.

When the goddesses AthenaAphrodite, HestiaDemeter and Artemis decided to create a brand new race of women to bring compassion to the increasingly violent world of men, they put the souls of women murdered by men into magic clay bodies, blessing them with superhuman gifts. The Amazons were born, and Philippus along with them. She became an extremely skilled warrior, and she followed her queens Hippolyta and Antiope in a mission of peace keeping spreading from Turkey to Greece and Rome. Eventually, the attack of the demigod Heracles, who defeated and enslaved the Amazons, brought them to a schism: some wanted revenge, and followed Queen Antiope, while others stayed faithful to the way of the gods, and followed Hippolyta instead. Philippus, albeit raging, chose Hippolyta, and she followed her queen to the Amazons’ new home, a new Themyscira built on an island. Her battle prowess allowed her to become a lieutenant under Captain Egeria, the island’s best warrior and her personal friend: their task as warriors was to guard Doom’s Doorway, a portal that led directly to the underworld, inhabited by demons and by the spirits of the dead. Egeria, Philippus and their subordinates had to prevent anyone from getting in… or from getting out. When a monster managed to escape from the portal, Egeria sacrificed her life to close the Doorway. Philippus was named captain in place of her deceased friend, and the first thing she did was to strengthen the Doorway’s defenses, making it impossible for anything to come out of here again. This proved to be quite a vain hope, as another demon managed to pass through the portal, and it nearly killed Philippus herself: she was saved only by the unforeseen intervention of a foreigner, pilot Diana Rockwell Trevor, a stranger nobody knew had crashed on the island with her plane. Diana was slain by the monster, but Philippus used the moment to kill the beast and seal the portal once again. In the following years, because of her skill and her courage, she was promoted General, head of all military forces on Themyscira, and second only to Hippolyta… whom she became pretty close to.

Philippus was clearly in love with Hippolyta, and she cared about her safety far more than her role obliged her to. This strong bond between them often put the General at odds with The Circle, a group of four Amazons that formed the bodyguards of Hippolyta. The enmity between them became something serious when Hippolyta’s daughter, Diana, was born. Philippus loved the baby as everyone else on the island… everyone but The Circle. Philippus suspected the insane bodyguards wanted to kill the baby, and she set a trap for them. As they actually presented themselves in the chambers of Diana with killing intent, Philippus had them arrested forever. From that night, Hippolyta allowed Philippus to help her in raising the princess, and the General rose Diana in the ways of the Amazons, teaching her how to fight, and putting her through a number of several tests (harsh ones, as having the girl attacked by masked assailants out of nowhere, or hitting her legs with arrows while she was trying to save some Amazons from a rolling boulder). Each lesson was a hard one, but each one of them taught Diana how to be a proper warrior and ruler, always using her mind along, or instead of, her fists. When, years later, Steve Trevor crashed on Themyscira, Philippus was enraged at the perspective of having a man on the island: she wanted to kill him on the spot, but Hippolyta decided otherwise, and organised a contest to decide who was able to escort him back to Men’s World. Diana won the contest, much to Philippus’ displeasure, but the General tried one last ploy to keep Diana on the island: she stole Trevor’s gun, and she shot Diana to demonstrate how weapons had changed in the outside world, but when the princess deflected the bullets with her bracelets, she had nothing to hold her anymore with, and she let her go. As Diana became famous in the world as Wonder Woman, Philippus kept guarding Doom’s Doorway, and kept peace on the island; when Hippolyta decided to make her daughter an ambassador to the outside world, and opened diplomatic relationships with the United States of America, Philippus led the soldiers escorting her in a promotional tour through the US. Finally, Philippus would have known first-hand the Men’s World she’d been so afraid of in the last three-thousands years.

Philippus is a proud and strong woman, who values battle power but who knows the importance of a bright mind and a compassionate heart. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, senses and reflexes, and she’s immortal; with thousands of years of experience, she’s easily Themyscira’s best warrior, a charismatic leader and a brilliant tactician expert in every Themyscirian form of combat. Devoted to her queen and lover Hippolyta, a mother figure for Diana, and now even a respected leader as the Archon Eponymous of Themyscira (co-ruling the island with Polemarch Artemis), Philippus is a seasoned fighter who never lets her guard down, a severe and sometimes brutal trainer who knows she has to push her recruits to their very limits to obtain the best from them… and she doesn’t want anything but the best.


Going on with Wonder Woman characters, we stay on Themyscira as we meet another Amazon, this time Senator Acantha, portrayed by Florence Kasumba. In the movie, Acantha is seen during Steve Trevor‘s trial, watching as the young soldier is questioned with the Lasso of Truth. She later accompanies Queen Hippolyta as she tries to reason with her rebellious daughter. In the comics, Acantha’s look is quite different, and we don’t know enough about her cinematic character to say something about it… so let’s just take a look at the original one.

Acantha was born along with her sisters Amazons from the Mediterranean Sea, when five goddesses from Olympus tried to mitigate men’s violence with a special peace corp, mystical creatures born from a body of clay and the soul of a murdered woman, blessed by the grace of all five of them. Acantha emerged from the sea and began her mission of spreading love and compassion through mankind along with her sisters, but eventually even the utopia they were trying to build came to an end: the human heroes Heracles and Theseus tricked the Amazon queens and obtained shelter from them, only to have their armies put the women in chain, rape them and use them as slaves. The goddess Athena freed her proteges, but she demanded them not to pursue the path of vengeance: Queen Hippolyta agreed to do so, but her sister Queen Antiope wanted revenge, and the Amazons split in two groups. Acantha followed Hippolyta, refusing to bring to the world the scourge she had sworn to take away from it, and she moved with all the other obedient daughters of the goddess to Themyscira, an island that became their new home, isolated from Men’s World and protected by the Greek Gods. On Themyscira, Acantha dedicated herself to study, and she became renowned for her wisdom, being regarded as an adviser to Hippolyta and even obtaining the title of Senator. For centuries, nothing changed on Themyscira, then Diana was born.

Diana was a daughter granted to Hippolyta, a new Amazon who decided to leave the island to know Men’s World and to resume the Amazons’ ancient mission to bring peace, love and understanding to humanity. Thanks to Diana’s choice, Acantha could study men’s culture better, and she obtained translations of their books and newspapers to understand them, their history and evolution. She formed a close bond with Mnemosyne, and together they learnt everything they could about the outside world. When Diana, now Wonder Woman, came back to Themyscira to share her knowledge, Hippolyta summoned a council to decide what to do with her daughter. Acantha and Mnemosyne immediately found themselves isolated from the others: while Hippolyta wanted her daughter not to leave her side again, they insisted she came back to Men’s World to continue her mission, and while General Philippus wanted to use the knowledge she had gathered for military purposes, they wanted to use it as a bridge of comprehension. Acantha shared what she had learnt about Men’s World, insisting that if men hadn’t changed much from the ancient times, women were now very similar to Amazons; she even pointed out that, due to Ares‘ machinations and their friendship with the deceased pilot Diana Rockwell Trevor, Themyscira could consider itself allied with the United States of America, thus approving Wonder Woman’s existence and mission. Eventually Acantha had the last word, but years later she would have been forced to follow another path. As Wonder Woman was senselessly imprisoned by the American Government, Queen Hippolyta, manipulated by Circe, decided to annihilate Men’s World, and launched an all-out attack on Washington D.C., with the order of killing any man, adult or child, to free Diana. Albeit pacifist, Acantha was also loyal to her queen, and obeyed to a command that was bringing to the world all the chaos and the destruction she had sworn to erase from the planet…

Senator Acantha is a wise and good-hearted woman, devoted to knowledge and compassion, fully loyal to her people’s original mission of peace-bringers. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, reflexes and agility, and she also possesses an enhanced intellect; she’s immortal, although not invulnerable, and despite being mainly a scholar, she’s also a proficient warrior, horse rider and archer. One of the wisest and most cultured Amazons on Themyscira, Acantha studies her people’s past to ensure them a new future.