Today we’re speaking of one of the characters introduced in The Walking Dead episode Seed. Among the convicts found in the prison, there are two original characters, and two who have been taken from the comics: Andrew, portrayed by Markice Moore, is one of the comics’ based ones.

We don’t know much about Andrew’s past, we don’t even know his surname (but that’s a common trait among many characters of The Walking Dead, so not a big deal). Everything we know, it’s that he was a drug dealer, a thief, and a drug abuser. Arrested many times, he was sent to prison, ended the sentence, then arrested again for the same crimes, and sent to prison for the second time in a row. In West Georgia Correctional Facility, Andrew met God and became a religious person. He started praying God asking him to allow him to resist the following temptations, having in mind not to fall into drugs again. Some way or the other, his preach was heard and answered, and the zombie apocalypse arrived. In prison, the news about the undead invasion from the outside world didn’t arrive immediately, quite the opposite, and for a while life continued the same way in the facility. When the plague reached the prison, anyway, the guards flew, leaving the prisoners behind. Luckily for them, some pitiful keeper opened all the cells, and the inmates were allowed to come out. Instead of trying to follow all the others who were trying to get out of the prison, Andrew followed a small group of inmates, led by Thomas Richards, and found shelter in the jail’s cafeteria. In here, Andrew spent some months, along with Thomas himself, the robber Axel and the wife-killer Dexter. During the time in the cafeteria, Andrew and Dexter became really close to each other, and started an homosexual relationship. The four prisoners managed to survive by completely isolating themselves from the other blocks, and, thanks to the food supplies (which would have fed the entire facility’s population for weeks), they never needed to go out their cover. In the time he was in the cafeteria, Andrew grew sure that the zombie apocalypse had been sent by God himself to keep him clean from drugs (quite a radical cure, indeed), since, with everyone dead, he had nobody to sell drugs to or to buy it from.

Some months after their self-imprisonment, the four convicts were found by Rick Grimes and Tyreese, who were exploring the prison to see if it was safe for their group to stay in. From the very beginning, Andrew wasn’t seen as much a threat for them, due to his drug dealer’s past which, compared to Axel’s robberies or Dexter’s murder of his wife and her lover, was indeed a small crime. When the inmates entered Rick’s group, Axel tried to mock Andrew saying that, since women were once again at disposal, Dexter would have soon left him and turned back a heterosexual, but Andrew always reasserted their mutual love. Indeed, when the group decided to stay altogether, only Andrew and Dexter chose to stay in a cell distant from the others, and stood aloof also while Thomas and Axel started to fraternize with the others. In truth, Andrew was quite distrustful towards Rick’s group, fearing them because of the clear psychological malaise of some of them. He feared that, at any moment, they could try and kill them just for feeling safe. His suspects became suddenly real the moment the group found the corpses of Hershel Greene‘s little twins, Susie and Rachel, brutally murdered. The suspects immediately fell upon the convicts, namely Dexter, because of his murderous past. Dexter was closed in a cell and sentenced to death by the group, but before anything could have been done, Andrew allied himself with Patricia (a woman from Rick’s group) and tried to save his beloved. Unfortuately, in order to get the anti-riot weapons he needed Andrew opened Block A, still not cleaned, and zombies broke in the prison. In the following battle, Rick “accidentally” killed Dexter, and Andrew, who didn’t want to stay in the prison without his boyfriend, nor to live with the people who killed him, fled away in the countriside, never to be seen again.

Andrew is a frail and weak-minded boy, fearful of everything and everyone. He didn’t have anything from life, and doesn’t expect something now that the world has gone mad: the only people he trusts are his beloved Dexter and God himself, and he’s ready to defend himself from everyone else.


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  1. […] After Andrew, we’re going to speak about the other prisoner found in the cafeteria in The Walking Dead episode Seed that, out of four, is taken from the comics and is not an original character. This time, it’s Axel‘s turn, the kind two-bit criminal portrayed by Lew Temple. In the show, he seems to be the most harmless and good-willed guy found in the prison, but in the comics, he’s quite different. […]

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